Yogurugen Intestinal Food Launch @ One Utama

On the 28th March 2012, I was invited to the Yogurugen intestinal food launch at One Utama as a blogger. As we all know, people nowadays live a fast paced and hectic life due to the need to work, family and leisure. It leads to an unhealthy eating lifestyle where the busy people will be eating out even when they have a family or kids and especially now where most of the fast food places are offering affordable meal for example; the McDonald McValue lunch & dinner set.

Once there was someone who told me that if you have a healthy intestine, your waste should be in golden brownish colour.

Unknowingly, this eating style weakens our stomach, resulting in our colon being unhealthy. To make matters worse, studies have actually shown that our wastes are not totally eliminated and actually accumulate within our large intestines. Consequently, combined with a weakened colon, one can only imagine the excess that we accumulate from the very beginning of our food consumption when we were young.

The launch took place at the ground floor, High Street of One Utama Shopping Centre at 2pm. Their cute tagline,"Once a Week, Fit Fit Bom Pit Pit" rhymes funnily to tell the consumer that by drinking Yogurugen once a week, they can have a cleaner and healthier intestine.

Yogurugen intestinal food comes in various prices and packages. It has two main functions to help ensure a healthy intestinal system, by encouraging good bowel movement as well as to replenish your intestine with good bacteria.

This is Miss Kimmie-san, the speak person of Yogurugen. 

Miss Kimmie-san has worked as a product trainer for a wide range of establishments ranging from a beauty academy and beauty spa salon to a consumer product company and salon product distribution company. She has accumulated up to nine years of experience in the beauty industry due to the nature of her profession. Besides being a product trainer, she is also a professional make-up artist and hairstylist.

According to her,“Yogurugen is the most trusted household brand in Japan for intestinal food and has been in the market for over 30 years, with over 50 million boxes sold. The product mainly helps the circulation of the purified blood in the body and encourages natural excretion of wastes from the body.”

The official launch ceremony by the co-founder of Cason Trading.

The product, Yogurugen was very interesting to myself and the public because many did not know that we need to clean our intestine as well and this is one of the method by drinking Yogurugen once a week.

Sometimes waste can be adorable too when they come in plushie size! xD

Fun facts: How long do you spend time in the toilet averagely? According to the research, spending 5-10 minutes a session indicates that you have a healthy intestine. Unless if you brought along your smartphones, iPad or newspaper and spend more than half an hour slacking in the toilet! :P

All the guest on that day get to taste a small cup of Yogurugen. I actually quite like the taste and you can see the bottom part was actually very rich with yogurt.

Miss Choulyin Tan, who's the emcee for the launch. She did a good job emceeing despite the phail pronunciation of Yogurugen or maybe she was trying to do some rapping. Yo Yo Yo Yogurugen! :D

We headed over to Delicious cafe as they were having the Q&A session there.

Jessie Ong, the co-founder of Cason Trading answering some of the questions given by the media and bloggers.

Some delicacies were served during the Q&A session.

Deep fried button mushroom. Taste good!

I met the gorgeous Jocelyn Coco who also came for the launch.

Yogurugen has also been proven to contribute to weight loss through the reduction in the fullness of the abdomen and in its effectiveness in waist-slimming. Constant consumption of the product will also help restore youth and reactivate the glowing beauty from the body due to the reduction of toxins in the body. 

Depending on the individual, the recommended consumption method for Yogurugen is just once a week, best in the morning with an empty stomach. It is also advisable to consume the product during weekends, when one has fewer activities, as one might feel the effect of the product quite soon after consumption (about 2 to 4 hours after consumption).

Yogurugen is available at all major Watsons outlets. For more information on the product, kindly contact Cason at +6 03 7880 6999 or visit their website www.tokyoninki.com.

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