The Apartment Restaurant & Bar @ The Curve

I can still recall my very first time stepping into The Apartment Restaurant & Bar and it was at the Suria KLCC for a simple dinner with my dear friends. The warm light that brightens up the whole place gave me a very warm and homey feeling and it was well completed with indeed savoring good food that suits my taste bud. Then not long after that, I realized that they also had one in The Curve which to be joyfully nearer to where I am currently staying.

A shot of the homey feel interior of the dining area in The Apartment.
Cut the story short, I was invited for The Chef Series - Part 1 of 2 that features some of the very special serving of deep sea delicacies themed menu Unlimited Flavours Of The Ocean at one of their branch in The Curve. The food review started around 7.30pm and by the time I reached the venue, most of the invited bloggers were already there but fortunately, they are all very kind to wait for me (and also Isaac who came after a few minutes later).

Pei Jin explaining to us about what's on the menu for the evening while Ah Bok and Eunice listening by the side with full attention!

Amuse Bouche (RM11.90)

This was the very first dish to be served to us, the Amuse Bouche that comes with fresh oyster with lime and mango in a shot glass. The pleasure of drinking this in a shot is so that the lime and mango taste will be able to blend in with the freshness of the oyster. I found this as delightfully refreshing and I would recommend to those who aren't use to gulping down the whole oyster to try this for themselves.

Tossed Pasta Plain

This pasta dish may look simple but it was actually very flavourful. The Tossed Pasta Plain mixed with a good quantity of chili flakes that will spice up your taste bud until your tongue feel numb  but still enjoyable.

Prawn Capellini

This particular dish is one of my favorite that evening, the Prawn Capellini is served with tiger prawns, lemon zest, olive oil and marjoram. I love the tiger prawns cause it's huge and satisfying!

Baked Squid Stuffed with Herbs Rice, Served with Okra & Seafood Gumbo (RM25.90)

Stuffed Squid is heading towards more of our local taste, a bit spicy on the end yet juicy squid being stuff with risotto to make it solid and goes along with the gravy.

Pan Fried Red Snapper w/ Couscous & Lemon Butter (RM39.90)

Pan fried red snapper with couscous and lemon butter reduction is one of the dish that suits most of our local people here as one of the reason I am saying this is most of our locals love to have their meals with rice.

Almond Crusted Cod

The cod was very soft and fresh, with a gentle cut in between it just open instantly. Almond was fried crispy and brings the aroma out of it, cook along with some clams make it sweet and a bit sourish taste of tomato that makes the taste perfectly good!

Surf ‘n’ Turf

Next is the steak which is prepare medium well that comes to my liking and for the first time I see a steak pair with prawns mixture with au jus, garlic, chillies, honey glazed tiger prawns & mash. Surf ‘n’ Turf is one of the latest addition to the menu.

Jamie’s Duck Pasta

This next dish is a quite rare to be seen in any particular western restaurant. Fettuccine with shredded slow-roasted duck and tomato, red wine, ragout, topped with toasted pine nuts. The sauce was actually the hardest part to cook and I noticed that it was very well blended together and I can still taste the red wine although it was thoroughly mixed with other ingredients.

English Lamb Curry

From looking at the picture above, we know that they are being generous with the lamb as its quite a big piece for a portion like that, well marinated and cook till the lamb is soft and serve along with special briyani, egg, carrot raita and cashew nuts.

Buah Melaka (RM12.90)

A desert that reflect much on our local delicacies as this  Buah Melaka Desert serve  palm sugar dumpling served and coconut ice cream @ RM12.90

Brulee (RM13.90)

After great main dish on the table and it always have to get something sweet as ending and comes with Creme Brulee that is perfectly burn on the top to make a fine thin crisp while your spoon poke upon it gives you a crack sound after that. Top with a scoop of ice cream and pretty good enough to make the sweet ending.

Homemade Carrot Cake

For those of you prefer something not that sweet then this slice definitely suits your taste bud as Homemade Carrot Cake served with mascarpone cream and carrot syrup.

Red Velvet Cake

It used to be a hype on Red Velvet Cake and I have only tried once so far and this would consider the second time. I love this piece more with the texture of the cake is nice and the two layers of cheese are being put with the right amount that does not give you the feel of too much and strawberry dressing pairs it well.

Baked Chocolate Pudding

 Served with ice cream, this freshly baked chocolate pudding had kept us waiting for 15-20minutes. When scooping the chocolate pudding off, there was this oozing chocolate syrup will flowing out.

Chocolate Mousse

For those who loves chocolate alot then you would not want to miss this Chocolate Mousse topped with slices of fresh Strawberry.

Premium Dark Chocolate Cake for those who prefer something mild or not too sweet.

 And of course, the Banana Pecan Cake is suitable for tea time.

It's always best to have a cup of hot coffee to go with the cakes. Don't you agree?

Once again I had a pretty good meal although it's not the Suria KLCC outlet but the quality of the food and standard in The Curve's were close. Overall, I like most of their main course but too bad some of their cakes weren't good. Maybe it was left too long so it may not be fresh anymore since some part of the cakes were already harden or else I will definitely raise my two thumbs up!

Before I end my blog post, a few more interior shots of The Apartment.

How nice if I can sit at the corner whole day long, enjoy reading my favorite book while sipping a cup of hot coffee.

Last but not least, there's a Food Coma - Weekly Set Lunch Menu Promotion available from RM16.90++ which is only available at The Curve outlet only. I have stated the full address and contact number below for reservation purposes or inquiries just in case if you are interested to check out the food at The Apartment.

The Apartment @ The Curve
Ground Floor, Western Courtyard,
The Curve Shopping Centre,
Mutiara Damansara.
Tel: 03-77278330

.: Peace Out :.