Heineken UEFA Legendary Night

Have you ever wonder how a football player can become a legend? It's pretty simple, train hard. play hard and score hard. That's pretty obvious isn't it? But what about a football enthusiast or simply just a football fan? You can be a legend too by joining the Heineken UEFA Legendary Night through their Facebook app here: https://www.facebook.com/heineken/app_351249388243923

This coming 20th May 2012 is the final match for the UEFA 2012! If you like to catch this big event on a super big screen filled with incredibly good audio system with your friends, just follow some simple legendary instructions below. Which team will you be supporting? Will it be Chelsea which had won against Liverpool in the recent FA Cup Final (2-1) or Bayern Munich which had a termendous victory against FC Köln (4-1)?

Firstly, I clicked on the Facebook app link here and it leads me to the above page.
Then, I clicked on the red coloured tab which had the "TIME TO GET LEGENDARY" words on.

You all can see this welcome page after doing so and then three (3) task will be given to me at below (in green). Click on the "KNOW YOUR LEGENDS?" green tab and a short video as the one I've embedded below will appear.

Answer a simple question after finish watching the video.

Next, I'll need to update my profile at the "LEGENDARY DETAILS" tab.
After submitting my personal details, I can invite three (3) other friends whom I like the most (or my enemy...LOL!) to join me for the Heineken UEFA Legendary Night.

After doing so, a thank you message popped up right in front of my face!

By completing all the three (3) task, now I can enjoy the moment of being a legend! That's simple right?
I've already became a legend within a few minutes, you too can do the same. Just click on the Facebook app link at https://www.facebook.com/heineken/app_351249388243923 and who knows you might be one of the lucky winner to catch the UEFA 2012 final on big screen!

.: Peace Out :.