Lammeeya @ Uptown Damansara

It has always pondered me to try out the cuisine at Lammeeya. When I first heard about Lammeeya, obviously most people including me will relate it to 'lam mee' which is a type of thick soup noodle with chicken meat, prawn, eggs, bean sprout etc. Well that's absolutely right because Lammeeya does serve lam mee but other than that Lammeeya is known as one of the authentic Malaysian Chinese cuisine close to everyone's heart.

Original Lam Mee RM9.80
Since we've touched about lam mee in the beginning of this blog post, so it would be pointless if you did not order their signature dish, the Original Lam Mee. I've tried a few lam mee in my life, some were good and some were below average but this I gladly say above my expectation. All the ingredients which they are using were fresh and what I like most is the thick gravy or the soup which compliment the yellow noodle very well.

Before I go on to the next dish, I would like to remind those who are reading this that Lameeya is a fully airconditioned restaurant and located in one of the prime area in Petaling Jaya, so the price might even cost double the price of a normal dish but you get to eat in a pretty comfortable dining place with aircon and just look at the portion of the lam mee... it's obviously worth spending on a good meal!

Duck Egg Char Kueh Teow RM10.80
My very first experience to try the Duck Egg Char Kueh Teow was in Penang thanks to Isaac Tan who brought me to have good food around his hometown. So for those who are craving for a good plate of delicious Duck Egg Char Kueh Teow, have no fear and need not to travel all the way to Penang cause Lammeeya has it. Those who loves to eat spicy food might want to request for extra spicy for the extra 'uhm' in every chopstick-full! :D

Pork Leg with Vinegar RM13.80
I had never fancy eating Pork Leg with Vinegar due to the sourness in the very dish. Fortunate enough, this Pork Leg with Vinegar in Lammeeya suits my tastebud and as you can see, this particular dish is not for those anti-fat food person but as for me, I'll top up my bowl of rice with this!

Stewed Pork with Potato RM8.80
When it comes to any stewed dishes with potato, I'll wallop every single thing to the last bit. This Stewed Pork with Potato is delightfully satisfying. The potato wasn't too soft that it goes very well with the chunkiness of the stewed pork. 

Barbecued Rice with Char Siew
What I like most about this Barbecued Rice with Char Siew is that the rice which is cooked in the claypot was not overcooked like the normal claypot rice which I had outside. The downside of this dish is that they should have use a better looking choy sum as garnish.

The Salted Steam Chicken RM8.80
Rich with different Chinese herbs, ginger, keichi and "dong kwai", those who believes in the good nutrition that they can gain from this Chinese herbs should try the salted steam chicken. The salted steam chicken which is cooked together with the herbal gravy which is good for health and to expel heat away from your body.

Pickled Chili and Sweet Sauce Cheong Fun RM6.80
When visiting Penang, Chee Cheong Fun is a must have... so is in Lammeeya. Again I must say, the portion for both of these chee cheong fun were indeed very appetizing.

Mushroom with Mince Meat Cheong Fun RM6.80
Steam Pork with Dong Choy RM8.80
My mother used to cook this for me when I was growing up back in my parents place and for me to have this Steam Pork with Dong Choy brought back some of the sweet memory. This truly reminds me of an authentic home cooked Chinese cuisine that I used to have.

Ginger and Wine Omelette RM8.80
This ginger and wine omelette is actually one of my dad's favorite back in those good old days. How I wish he was with me to enjoy this dish together.

Ladies Finger RM8.80
Ladies Finger is one of the dish which I teased the most in my life. Every single time I look at this dish, I will automatically say out loud that this is one of my least favorite vegetable in my life and I only use this for my art class, for drawing prints subject. Don't take my words, I am just teasing. This Ladies Finger is good and not too oily for my tastebud.

Cucumber Soup RM8.80
ABC Soup RM8.80 - One of the most frequent soup I've drank during my childhood.
Sometimes when I visit different restaurant or cafe, they offer good food but lack in drinks variety but it's not a problem here. They have more than 40 kinds of drinks which are specially selected to go with the food. Take a look at some of the drinks that we had order below:

Chestnut & Lotus RM8.80 - Very rich in flavour!

le gf ordered CHAM! RM5.20
The girls holding on to their drinks.
If some of you still have some space in your tummy after the scrumptious main course, there's plenty of desserts selection to end your meal.

Banana Crepe
Oreo Cheese Cake RM9.50
Vanilla Raspberry Cake RM8.00
Belgium Forest RM7.50
Tiramisu RM11.00
Chocolate Moist RM7.50
Interior of Lameeya
Overall, I really like the variety of food and drinks provided in Lammeeya. Their dishes really did reminds me of my trip to Penang and also some of the food which I used to had back in my parents place. So it's not too burdening to have a good meal in Lameeya once a week or so. With plenty of variety to choose from, it's a good place to dine and hang out with family and friends.

Check out their tea time promotion. Ends 31st May 2012. So hurry!

Damansara Uptown
45G and 47G, Jalan SS21/37
Damansara Utama
Tel: +603 7725 9513

Open from 10am until 10pm.

Also available at:
 1Utama LG 333A, New Wing & Empire Shopping Gallery @ LG31

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