Honda Jazz Hybrid & Honda Insight Test Drive

A few months back I was invited to witness the grand launch of Imavest Sdn Bhd, one of the largest Honda 3S Center in Malaysia [Link here]. Then when Honda finally launched the Honda Jazz Hybrid in Malaysia, once again I was invited to their 3S Center to test drive the newly launch car together with the Honda Insight, which is one of their hybrid car in the list as well.

We reached the 3S Center at about 11am and the rest were already there walking and looking around the center. A while later, we were brought up to the training room next to the lounge for a short briefing about the Honda Jazz Hybrid.

Our lecturer of the day, Ryan Mo. Students: Henry Tan, Simon Har, Kelvin Tan, Choulyin Tan and myself behind the camera.

Before the test drive begins, I took a quick snap on the new Honda CR-Z (RM115,014 OTR) as well. I like the curve of the front, sporty design... if only I have the money, this would be top of my car list!

The Honda CR-Z uses the hybrid system too. Nowadays, hybrid car seems to be the trend. Pay lesser for Petrol and further mileage!


Baby on the CR-Z. She loves the car!

Simon Har, one of the famous automotive blogger in Malaysia also wanna pose for the camera in the CR-Z.

The back of the CR-Z... quite futuristic design I must say. The boot space is quite big too.

Not to forget, the Honda Insight (RM99,800 OTR) was there too. Will be test driving this together with the Honda Jazz Hybrid.

Henry Tan on the wheel, we took the Honda Insight for a round first while the rest drove the Honda Jazz Hybrid. Thumbs up before we start our journey.

The audio panel for the Honda Insight, simple but nice. Just that I don't really like the idea of putting two air-con vent so near to each other on the passenger side.

A group shot on our first stop.
We just went for a few kilometres distance along the Kajang-Silk highway and did a u-turn back to the Petronas station near the 3S Center.

Side profile of the Honda Insight. The design is sleek and nice but too bad the rear window too small :(

The front panel of the car interior.

The meter panel looks a bit similar like the Honda Civic. My comment about the Honda Insight is that the transmission was not as smooth as I thought. The pick up acceleration on this car is pretty slow and I guess that's why the car consume very less petrol. Maybe that's how hybrid works as well. The rear window is really small and I think I will have some difficulty while reversing the car. The aircon vents at the passenger side was not practical too. One more thing, the passengers at the back especially the middle one won't be sitting comfortably as there's a hard lump on the cushion underneath and the head room was a bit too limited. Anyway, if you want to get a MPV car lower than 100k and consume less petrol, this is a car for you.

Now lets take a look at the Honda Jazz Hybrid. Looks the same like the non hybrid Honda Jazz.

A different bumper, they changed the rear lamp and added a fog light on the right.

Dashboard of the Honda Jazz Hybrid. Different style compared to the non hybrid version. I kind of like the air-con indicator display.

An additional feature, the air-con cooling compartment to cool off your can drinks or any item you want.

Just a minor drawback here, the drawer at the dashboard cannot be fully opened if you have a tall guy like me sitting at the passenger side.

The seats can be folded and pushed facing the most bottom part of the car. You will have more space to transport your things especially when you are moving to a new house.

My turn to test drive the Honda Jazz Hybrid.

On the passenger side, baby Choulyin!

See how many leaves I had collected!

There's also the curtain airbag for extra safety. My thoughts on the Honda Jazz Hybrid, I really enjoy driving the car. Most of the time I was playing with the pedal shift and auto cruise system. Pretty niche and easy to handle. The acceleration was smoother than the Honda Insight and can go up to 100km/hr in a shorter time too. Three passengers might not be able to sit comfortably at the back but at least the middle one have no problem with the cushion and the headroom is just right. This is one compact hybrid car and for the price of almost 95k, I think it's really worth it.

A random shot during the test drive.

Back at the 3S Center, there's a Honda Information Terminal room to estimate the monthly installment which you will have to pay for the cars which are available there.

This is quite a convenient machine I must say, say good bye to calculator!

After the test drive and a tour at the 3S Center, Ryan brought us out for a lunch on the Honda Freed (RM113,494 OTR). It reminds me of the squarish van Proton Juara.

 Here's a list of services offer by Imavest Sdn Bhd besides Sales & Service : 

Insurance Renewal (MSIG)
- They do insurance/roadtax renewal for any cars (not just Honda)

Fuel Injector Cleaning:

Polishing/Waxing/Disinfect & De-odorising

Aircond Servicing

Brake, Sideslip & Suspension diagnostic service
- A video demonstrating the test :

The car display area at the showroom.

Customer enquiry and waiting area. One of the best I've seen in a 3S Center.

Some pretty nice and simple of their delivery handling steps.

Their servicing area, services up to 15 cars at one time provided they have enough staff-lah.

Imavest Sdn Bhd
Lot No. 4161 & 4162, Jalan Besar
Bandar Sungai Long, 43000 Kajang, Selangor

A link of Gmap of the place :
Facebook :
Contact number : +603-8737 8606 (General Line)
+603-8737 8909 (Service Appointment)

Details on the Jazz Hybrid :
On-The-Road Price with Insurance : RM94,800.00

If you have any enquiries regarding the Honda Jazz Hybrid’s features or just about anything related to their sales and service, you can contact Ryan Mo at +6012-6829667.

.: Peace Out :.


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