London: The Summer Musical @ Amphitheatre, Sunway Lagoon (Review)

I was invited to attend the Gala Premier of London: The Summer Musical on the 31st of May 2012. The musical was held at the Amphitheatre, Sunway Lagoon which was the same location for the previous musical - Peter Pan, Magical Musical and Aladdin. The only one which I didn't attend before this was only Peter Pan the Musical. Since this will be their fourth musical production, I assumed it just had to be better than the previous musicals.

Every single time when I attend the musical, it always rain or at least drizzling. This time it wasn't an excluded. I was told to be there before 6.30pm as the ticket counter will be closed at that time and so I rushed to Sunway Lagoon during peak hour but only managed to reach there about 7.00pm. Thankfully, I was able to collect my tickets and I noticed that there was a lot of others who were late for their tickets.

After collected our tickets, I went for a quick dinner before the musical starts despite of some refreshments were being provided for the guest and media at the LightHouse Beach Bistro.

Our tickets to London The Summer Musical Gala Premiere. The back looks like a boarding pass.

The stage. Not as great compared to Magical Musical and Peter Pan. I would prefer the buildings to be painted to the exact colour of the actual building instead of the plain white texture.

Radio DJ from Mix FM, currently my 2nd favorite radio station after Fly FM. It's JD and Dilly. Not sure who's the guy on the left.

A short speech by Adron Leow - Executive Producer for this musical.

The very first scene looks promising....

Some insights of the musical. It all started at the airport in New York and flew off to London.

Three American girls in the musical. The middle one Beth Humphreys, who plays 'Penny' as the main character. 

Just like the Magical Musical, when there's three girls - there will be three guys as well. The right hand side is the main character, William, played by Sam Hallion.

The whole thing was quite colourful and the performance were pretty energetic...

Until they brought out the Magnum umbrella for the song, It's Raining Men.

A random appearance by the Phantom of the Opera.

Harry Potter was there too. I think he might have been lost when looking for Hogwarts.

Not to forget the little boy and the alien appeared on a bicycle for a few seconds as well!

The awkward moment when two strangers, a downtown guy and an American girl randomly met each other on the street in London and they were wearing almost like a couple outfit - red and white. So coincidence right?

Then the two main characters went over to the fountain of Maybank. xD

James Bond fan anyone?

My Conclusion: If you had never been to an actual musical before then you won't be disappointed. From the opening until the intermission, it was watchable and despite they just simply blast out a random song but at least there was a few conversations that make sense. Then after the intermission, it's like listening to those local radio station that puts up mainstream song from time to time just to keep the audience entertained while stuck in the traffic jam. The songs selection was ridiculous! The set up this round was really bad and I can see the dancers getting ready behind the stage clearly. Just because One Direction is a hit to those young teenagers now and so they thought of listing that as one of the musical number cause it's appropriate for a few British guys to sing? That's an insult to real theatre art!

The hollywood appearance was the only thing laughable cause it was so lame! How can I not laugh at this lame scene? At least the Genie was funny in Aladdin and the vocals were quite good in Magical Musical but this? It never came into my mind that those few guys can sing R&B songs that came from U.S.A! What's with the British accent??? The Copacabana was successfully ruined too! The Minions from Despicable Me can sing better!

Well, I think I was wrong too for putting up such high expectation. At least Aladdin was fun to watch, with all the effects, bubbles, real animals and humour. This... looks like a younger and inexperience version of Magical Musical.

For those who are still interested to watch this musical, the tickets are from RM80, RM100 and RM150. Spend RM500 and above in 3 receipts in Sunway Pyramid and you can get two free tickets for this musical. Musical ends at 8th of July 2012.

London: The Summer Musical original production at Sunway Lagoon by West End musical production veterans, Chris Colby and David Kort ‘London the Summer Musical’ is a RM3.8 million production which tells the timeless story of aspirations, love and hope in Modern Day London.

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*Photos taken with Canon Powershot G9*

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