Machines Warehouse Sale 2012 @ Cititel Mid Valley

This morning I woke up at 9.00am-ish to rush to Cititel Mid Valley just for the Machines Warehouse Sale which is happening since yesterday until tomorrow only. I get to know this from a friend through Facebook after he posted a pictures of what he had bought from the warehouse sale. From the flier below, it looks like they are offering a lot of good value items especially for Apple users.

So my target was to get the Speck SeeThru for Macbook Pro Casing which is only from RM20 onward. When we reached there, the queue was already quite long and it took about 50 minutes until our turn to go in. Although the line is quite long but they were giving us a short brief about the drinks that we can have, the locations of the toilet and what we will be expecting when we enter the ballroom. From time to time, their staff will announce what item is already sold out and what's available. 

The queue to enter the ballroom at 10.45am

That's a very good idea in case those who are lining up wanted to get what they want but already sold out can leave immediately without wasting their time. Anyway, it's not that people were taking a sweet time browsing through the item but the reason is that there was quite a big number of crowd at the iPad sleeve and case area that are making the queue longer and longer. At 11.40am, I decided to leave and pay for the items which I got and sadly, there was not anything left that I am interested on. The so called RM1 iPhone case only left a small amount and those aren't nice to purchase at all unless your current case is lost or spoilt then those are some really good buys. I couldn't get any of the Speck SeeThru for Macbook Pro Casing that I wanted since all left is only for MBP 15" at RM20.

I only bought the Macbook Pro 13" sleeve, leather cover and two Dual USB Power Adapter but all for only RM30!

So before all the item run out of stock, do catch the Machines Warehouse Sale at Cititel Mid Valley today, Level 5, Matahari Ballroom 3 & 4 from 10am until 6pm. Last day is tomorrow!

For more info, do check out their website at

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