Snow White and The Huntsman (2012) Movie Review

Once again, I am very grateful to Churp Churp and United International Picture (UIP) for the premier screening of Snow White and The Huntsman. In this movie, Snow White is the only person in the land fairer than the evil queen. Unable to tolerate the insult to her vanity, the evil queen decides that Snow White must die. The queen sends a huntsman to kill Snow White. However the huntsman finds himself unable to murder the innocent young woman, and instead ends up training her to become a warrior capable of threatening the queen's reign....

Snow White & the Huntsman was released on the 1st of June 2012.
Director: Rupert Sanders
Writers: Evan Daugherty & John Lee Hancock
Stars: Kristen Stewart (Bella in Twillight), Chris Hemsworth (Thor in Avengers) & Charlize Theron (Stella in Italian Job).

Somehow, the whole movie gave me a little bit of 'Twilight' feel in it. Maybe it's because of the part when Kristen Stewart was in the jungle.
So is this a remake of Disney's 1937 film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? Practically it did copy a few elements and characters from that traditional fairy tale from Disney but it was actually based on the best known version being the German one collected by the Brothers Grimm in 1812. So for those who expected the prince from another kingdom to give a kiss to Snow White which had awaken her is totally wrong.

Charlize Theron played as the role of an evil queen. She has done a pretty good job in this movie.
As stated in my very first paragraph of this entry, the evil queen who actually locked Snow White in the North Tower ordered a huntsman to hunt down Snow White after she managed to escape from the queen's brother that happened to be the most predictable scene in this movie.

Kristen Stewart as Snow White.
They did show us the part where Snow White was poisoned by eating the poisonous apple but she wasn't took it from an old granny but instead, the duke's son, William who was actually disguised by the evil queen.

Chris Hemsworth, the huntsman.
So blah blah blah... the huntsman gave Snow White a kiss and she's alive once again! I think that kiss also did sucked out some of the battle skills from him cause she suddenly knew how to fight with a sword towards the end of the movie.

Check out the full trailer of Snow White and the Huntsman below:

My Conclusion: In my very own opinion, Kristen Stewart was not suitable to be playing as Snow White. She has that lack of cheerfulness in her expression and somehow the whole movie leads to a solemn feel. The 'mirror mirror' in the beginning had to be called out before it turns into a golden liquid out of the mirror and then into a body figure but during the second scene, the body figure was shown to be out of the mirror before the queen called for it. Also, Snow White was being locked in the North Tower for years but still managed to grow up as a healthy and beautiful woman. She must been feed with good food by the evil queen which is then to be predicted by the mirror that she can save her someday in the future. Anyway, I think the trailer for this movie has successfully fooled me into believing somehow this movie to be watchable in the cinema. Maybe it's good for some of you but definitely not for me...

My Rating: 1.5/5.0

.: Peace Out :.