Wagyu Beef Promotion @ The Restaurant

I guess a lot of our very local foodie had always admire good o' juicy and tender beef. One of the most world known beef has to be the Wagyu beef and here's a very good news, The Club Saujana Resort is putting up a Wagyu Beef Promotion at The Restaurant. I was very honored to be one of their invited bloggers to try out their 5-course Wagyu Beef Promotion.

Travelling from my place to the Saujana Resort wasn't too far as I am currently staying in the are of Petaling Jaya. The Restaurant is actually located at The Club Saujana Resort which is further down the road after passing the main building of the Saujana Resort. As I enter the premis, the first impression was the settings were absolutely suitable for couple to have their romantic dinner together.

On the table: Candle in a pumpkin-like bowl, pepper and salt.

As we were seated at our table, we were firstly served with some salted cracker and biscuit sticks while waiting for the rest to arrive. I'm not sure about the rest but I was too hungry at that moment that I could finish everything myself.

On that very evening, we had a chance to taste the Spiced Wagyu Beef Tartar which is not in the menu. Filled with Crispy Potato Roesti, Pickle, Pan-Roasted Quaill Egg and Sour Cream. I was really amazed with the taste and soft texture of the Wagyu beef.

Wagyu Beef Carpaccio
Not too long after that, comes the appetizers which is in the menu. It's the Wagyu Beef Carpaccio, comes with Parmesan Cream, Parmesan Shavings, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Aged Balsamic with a bit of a salad on the side. Carpaccio is basically an Italian recipe for a raw beef appetizer dressed with a lemony mayonnaise and cheese. What I like about this dish is the freshness of the Wagyu beef taste, although the hand cut slices were not as thin as the one I had before this but the experience was like chewing a piece of fresh Norway salmon in my mouth.

Wagyu Beef Cheek Consommé
The next course is the a soup dish which is called the Wagyu Beef Cheek Consomm√©, a clear soup that's made from stock with ground meat and mirepoix that comes with homemad Wagyu Beef Cheek ravioli and vegetable balls. Frankly speaking, I prefer the side dish next to the consomm√© that had the ravioli as well with the Wagyu Beef dipped in the cream sauce.

Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek
After finishing the soup, the next course Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek. Topped with Wagyu Beef Cheek Deep Fried Wantan and Oven Roasted Vegetables, the braised Wagyu beef cheek is a must have. The combination of the sauce and the beef together resulted a very sweetly braised taste on every single bite. My stomach was about to get really full after having this but Chef Alexander Waschi, The Restaurant's Execuitive Chef convinced us that the best was yet to come.

Wagyu Beef Striploin
The Wagyu Beef Striploin was the most anticipated course of the evening. The two strips of Wagyu beef that were topped with Black Pepper Sauce along with Garlic Beans and Horseradish Moussline were the best Wagyu beef I had tried so far. According to the chef, the Wagyu beef was cooked as medium rare but most of us felt that it was medium instead. I was really really stuffed after this main course but it was really delicious.

A good meal must always be ended with a good dessert. The last course was the Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Sorbet and Raspberry Sauce.

Chef Alexander Waschl
A brief introduction about The Restaurant's Executive Chef. Austrian born, he has already made a solid stamp on his creation. Part of the team that earned 16 Gault Millau points previously in Switzerland, which is the equivalent of Michelin Star. Chef Alexander brings an exciting edge to his creations by offering a variety of different cuts and preparations of Wagyu beef.

A few more shots of the interior at The Restaurant.

Suitable for group dinning and small functions.

All the dishes are range from RM42 to RM255 and the promotion is through out the month of July.

The Restaurant
The Club Saujana Resort
Saujana Resort, Jalan Lapangan Terbang SAAS,
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan

For reservations, please call +603-78067000 or email them at dine@theclubsaujanaresort.com. The Restaurant operates for breakfast 6.30am until 10.30am, lunch at 11.30am until 3.00pm and dinner at 7.00pm until 10.30pm

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