WeChat & Avast Version 7 Launch at Zouk KL

Last Friday, it was the "APAC Venture Glitz & Glam Bloggers Party" which has happened at Zouk KL. Beside the bloggers, the event was also attended by a few local celebrities, media members and partners join together to celebrate the launch of AVAST new and improved version 7 (anti-virus), together with a social app called WeChat from China.

WeChat is a leading mobile platform that is FREE, developed by Tencent which is know to be the largest internet service provider in China. WeChat offers a suite of communication tools such as, social activity plug-ins, and personal content sharing application which cover the needs of users in SOLOMO (Social, Location, Mobile). Although WeChat is popular in China it does not only support Traditional/Simplified Chinese but as well as English, Indonesian, Portuguese, Thai, and Vietnamese; and they are available for iOS, Android, Symbian, and Windows.

Emcee for the event, Leng Yein
WeChat provides multimedia communication flexibility and convenience with:
- text messaging
- hold-to-talk voice messaging (which i was attracted to),
- one-to-many conversations (broadcast messaging)
- sharing photos and videos, sharing locations
-contact exchange.

WeChat Hotties!

Shake function - where I shake my phone, and if there's someone else shaking their phone at the same time, the both of us would connect. I was really amazed by that and at that time i was also thinking, "what are the chances of people shaking at the same time as me?".

 In Drift Bottle you record a conversation and throw it into the sea. When people goes to the Drift Bottle function and if they see a bottle in the sea, they are able to pick it up and listen to your voice message and vice versa.

Look Around is not as amazing as the other 2 above, but it basically just search people near you that are using this application.

Representative for WeChat!
Moments in my opinion is something similar to Facebook but it isn't. The design or theme somewhat reminded me of Facebook. Moments allows you to change your profile picture, your cover photo, etc.

As of March 2012, WeChat has hit 100 million users.

Please visit www.wechatapp.com for more information

Representative from Avast!
Being the world's leading security program, it has just gotten better with the latest version 7. The new 7 provides faster information from the "cloud" on new and emerging threats to users. A user of avast! is able to connect to another computer that uses avast! as well, in which they are able to assist and help each other with computer issues conveniently.

Avast Cloud technologies have been harnessed to give users steaming updates and more thoroughly distinguish between malicious and clean files, keeping users informed and protected regardless of their internet connection. The new FileRep feature knows if it's naughty or nice, by enabling faster threat identification by sorting new, potentially dangerous files from known safe files. WebRep can also identify fake/planted SSL certificates used to "authenticate" malicious sites.

Other improvements on avast version 7 include:
-Compatibility with Windows 8
-Speed and memory usage optimization
-Export/import of product settings
-Enhanced GUI
-Sandbox Privacy Protection
-Improved repair functions
-Stronger Self Defense

AVAST Software protects over 150 million active users around the globe with its security and antivirus applications. Three types available:
- avast! Business Protection (for company networks)
-The Premium  avast! Internet Security with SafeZone (virtualized desktop)

avast! Pro Antivirus for Home & Student Edition is available only at RM29.90!

Please visit www.avast.com for more information

Besides the food and free flow of beer, we were also entertained by a few dance performances.

Do you like break dance?

What about something more feminin?

The bloggers!
Anyway, try the WeChat apps now by downloading it from Play Store for Android mobile and App Store for iPhone.

.: Peace Out :.