Yamagoya Ramen @ Publika

Have you been to Yamagoya Ramen? It's a ramen shop that has opened not too long in Publika. The mall itself was only opened late last year and a lot of people are now working and prefer to shop at this venue for the conveniences and food! As for this food review, Yamagoya Ramen provides a satisfying range of ramen with different flavor and offer good side dishes along with the ramen.

Pork Char Siu RM11.00
A plate of Pork Char Siu that consist of 10 slices of juicy pork meat. It is also served in some of the ramen but just in a few slices. This pork char siu was quite good as the slices were actually quite thick and filling.

Yamagoya Ramen has over 140 franchised outlets in Japan.Yamagoya Ramen in Publika, Solaris Dutamas is the first original Kyushu ramen in Malaysia, and I had a privilege to try it and give my verdict :p However, please note that this is a strictly non-halal restaurant as their soup is pork based.

The drinks that we ordered, from left to right:
 1. Calpis Soda, RM6.00
2. Cucumber Juice, RM5.80
3. Ocha (Green Tea), RM2.00

Apart from tea, soft drinks, juices and special drinks, Yamagoya Ramen also serves Draft Asahi and Carlsberg beer. Of course, there’s Sake and Syouchu too.

 Black Garlic Ramen, RM22.00
My absolute favourite of the night, so I must feature this first. The soup has strong garlic fragrant and taste. Considering garlic is one of my first loves (as my sisters can attest to), I immediately ordered this when I saw it on the menu. I wasn't let down because the taste wasn't too salty, and the fragrant taste of the garlic was great! This I recommend to all of my readers out there1

Miso Ramen, RM24.00

Miso Ramen is the typical Yamagoya Ramen, but miso is added into the broth. Hence, the taste is heavier and more salty. I didn't really like this particular dish though as it was too salty for my liking.

Yamagoya's Mukashi Special Ramen RM24.00

Yamagoya’s Mukashi Special Ramen is their signature dish.  Most patrons who come here will order this as it consists of the works. Everything, all in! It has freshly made Ramen served with Pork Char Siu (sliced roasted pork), Yamagoya Soy Sauced Egg, bamboo shoot, black fungus, beansprouts, nori (seaweed sheet), garnished with fried garlic and spring onions.What more can you ask for?!?

Spicy Tobanjan Ramen RM22.00
This Spicy Tobanjan Ramen looks like Yamagoya Ramen served with a “ball” of tobanjan (hot bean sauce). With tobanjan mixed with the ramen, the whole bowl of ramen was spiced up and tasted so much nicer! (if you love spicy food)

Char Siu Ramen, RM24.00
Char Siu Ramen is for meat lovers. There are no veges in the bowl except slices of char siu, and ramen. Specially for carnivores only!

Kimchi Ramen RM22.00
This Kimchi Ramen is specially for those who loves a little bit of Korea in everything. It's similar to Yamagoya Ramen, just with added Kimchi. It was a little mild for me, as the Kimchi taste was a little diluted after it was mixed into the soup, but there was a little hint of sour spiciness in it, so if you wana try something less spicy, you can get this.

Apart from all the Ramen goodness we had, we also had quite a few side dishes as well:

Fried Chicken RM11.00
Crispy and succulent at the same time, it goes really well with lemon juice and mayonnaise!

Gyoza RM11.00
Japanese pan-fried dumplings with meat fillings. This reminds me of my Jade Pot dumplings back home...juicy fillings, coupled with vinegar and ginger slices. We had two helpings of this as we couldn't get enough of it!

Yamagoya Soy Sauced Egg RM4.00
These eggs are boiled and marinated in soy sauce. The yolk was soft and creamy, while the white is just a little soft, and smooth when you bite in to it. Because it was marinated in soy sauce, the outer egg white is slightly brownish.

Some Korean cookies for us to bring back! :D

Some funky girls foodie posing for a picture! :)

The simple interior and seats placement. One table can hold up to 6 customers max.

If you are heading there in the day time, you might be able to watch their workers make the noodles with the noodle making machine which is right at the front of the shop.

Yamagoya Ramen
A2-G2-8, Solaris Dutamas,
No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603-6206 2220
Facebook: Yamagoya Ramen Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours:
Monday to Thursday 10am to 10pm;
Friday to Sunday 10am to 11pm.
(Non Halal)

.: Peace Out :.