ELEVATE @ Penang International Sports Arena

ELEVATE - Feel the Difference.
That was the tagline for the event which I went last Saturday all the way up north in Penang. It was my first time driving up to Penang and thanks to Kahmon (www.bendan.me) who actually contacted me and asked me if she can join along. I was delightful to go for a road trip with someone I know and not all by myself. Anyway cut the story short, below are some of the insights from the event.

My ELEVATE VIP pass. Thanks to Don Chan for making this happen!

ELEVATE which was happening at the Penang International Sports Arena (PISA) was only for the invited guest and bloggers who are chosen to go for this event. There's live performances by the Korean DJ Siera Lee, Japanese DJ Hiloco, Mocha Girls from the Philippines and our local talented young dance group from ELECOLDXHOT who did a pretty good job entertaining the crowd through out the night.

 The entrance to the arena in PISA where the ELEVATE party was held.

 At the registration counter, the bloggers and VIPs are lining up to get their wrist tags.

 The atmosphere in the event arena. It's dark but looks pretty simple and interesting.

 The stage, no idea why they put up the salsa club thing. Maybe it's for advertising purposes.

The emcee for the night. She gave a short safety briefing before the first act. It was quite good and not all the events I been to whereby the emcee will give a safety briefing on where the emergency exist is and all...

First to perform, the cute korean girl DJ Siera Lee! Her beats were pretty awesome, with the combination of R&B and Hip Hop.

Then comes in the 2nd performance from the Mocha Girls... first it was performed by four of them without the group leader. They were all dancing and singing like the Asian Pussycat Dolls...

What's attract me the most was their abs... it surely takes me more than 6 months to get such abs again.

In between the performances, the girls came out to the audience to get us to sing a particular sentence from the song, Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper. I was chosen by one of the girls to sing as well but I didn't have any photos of it in my camera.

There was a segment where the Mocha Girls actually called out 2 single guys for a short proposal contest. The quest is to make one of the Mocha Girls feel touched with whatever type of proposal that they will be doing.

And surely the winner goes to Sam Insanity, and the prize... he gets to sing, hug and also KISS one of the cutest member in Mocha Girls.

By the way, I didn't manage to snap pictures of DJ Hiloco and the Elecoldxhot dance performance due to my camera battery flat. Anyway, the music was good but the sound system glitch for a few times did irritate the crowd a bit. Will put up some of their pictures once I got it from Kahmon.

Bloggers who went up to Penang just for the ELEVATE party all the way from KL, minus Nicole Chang who's Ipoh-mali. LOL

KL and Penang bloggers!

It was an eventful party for all of us. We stayed until 2am before I left Penang to drive back to KL due to a photoshoot on the same day itself. Anyway, I am looking forward to another ELEVATE event wether it will be held in KL or even if it's Penang again. Till then...

.: Peace Out :.