Ikuzo Ramen @ SS2 Petaling Jaya

Here's a quick fact about Ramen: It is a Japanese noodle dish that consists of Chinese-style wheat noodles served in a meat or fish based broth, often flavored with soy sauce or miso, and uses toppings such as sliced pork, dried seaweed, green onions, corn etc. I'm sure there's a lot of ramen shop blooming in Klang Valley area alone and the ramen prices are ranged between RM15-RM30. This time round, I am going to introduce you to a place where you can get high quality and affordable ramen in the one and only place, the ramen revolution: Ikuzo Ramen.

Yakiniku Ramen RM8.50
Bear in mind, the type of ramen which is offered in Ikuzo Ramen is not those typical thick broth/soup but it's more towards a clear based but still has the very basic taste of ramen. NO MSG, no soup concentrates, no artificial flavouring. There's 3 type of paste which are the miso paste, shio paste and the shoyu paste. Also, there's 2 type of noodles, original thin and original thick noodle. Previously they had the spicy thin and spicy thick noodle but due to some of the customers feedback saying that it wasn't spicy enough for them. How good if I can ever try it before they took it out of the noodle selections. The very first ramen shown above is the Yakiniku Ramen with Shoyu Paste, which is one of my favorite. This ramen has grilled beef and cabbage kimuchi to accompany the thin ramen noodle.

Hokkaido Ramen RM8.50
Next in line is the Hokkaido Ramen with Miso Paste. I think miso paste would be most likely to be acceptable for majority of people who have tasted all the paste. Comes with 2 slices of cha-shu, bamboo shoots, spinach, bean sprouts and sweet corn.

Cha-Shu Ramen RM8.90
For pork lover, Cha-Shu Ramen is a must have! Comes with 5 pieces of sliced cha-shu in a shoyu paste soup. If I want to have something simple but a lot of satisfying pork meat, I will make sure to order this on my next visit!

Curry Tan Tan Ramen RM6.90
The name of this ramen, Curry Tan Tan sounded quite funny to me and I thought it would have something to do with egg (tan in Chinese) but it actually comes with mah lat spice (peppercorn) and minced chicken. The taste wasn't spicy as I expected and might be a bit too heavy on the salty side. Maybe it's just me, anyway for those who really want to go for some good spicy ramen, the Tom Yum Ramen at the picture below is the one to go for.

Tom Yum Ramen RM10.90
The Tom Yum Ramen comes with Shoyu paste soup, prawns, squid, crab meat and fish slices. I know some girls really like to have some good spicy tom yum occasionally compared to guys and so this one is a recommended ramen for you!

Tonkatsu Ramen RM7.90
Some said it's love at first bite when they tasted this Tonkatsu Ramen. This classic miso paste based ramen is topped with the crispy breaded pork fillet.

Tokyo Ramen RM7.90
This is a Shoyu-based soup with cha-shu, bamboo shoots, spinach, egg and seaweed which is almost similar to some of the mentioned ramen above.

Curry Ramen RM7.90
Last but not least, another Curry Ramen with a touch of secret curry spices from India, comes with breaded pork fillet served with curry soup. Condiments to spice up the ramen are chili paste, sliced garlic, pickled chili, shicimi, ginger, ponzu (citrus-based sauce), peanut, fried shallots, white pepper and chili oil.

As for the side dishes, I would not explain any of it because it taste as good as it looks. Trust me!

Gyoza RM4.50/5pcs - Pan fried!
Age Gyoza RM4.50/5pcs - Deep fried!
Cabbage Kimuchi - RM2.80 - Recommended!
Ajisuke Tamago RM1.00 - So cheap!
Harumaki RM3.90
Okonomiyaki RM4.50
Wafu Kyuri Salad RM2.00 - Love the Wafu sauce!
Japanese Wafu Sauce
The Wafu sauce, it's their own recipe is for sale at their outlet for the price of RM12.90.

They have quite a wide range of drinks as listed below:

1. Italian Soda Drinks (Passion Fruit, Lemon, Apple and Orange)
2. Ikuzo Special
a. Ginger Green Tea - fresh ginger (strong ginger taste)
b. Green Tea / Chocolate Mile - Low fat milk
3. Yuzu Ice-cream Float
4. Vanilla Pod Ice Cream Float

Here's some of the drinks which we had ordered that evening.

Rootbeer Ice Cream Float, RM5.90
Mango Ice Cream Float, RM5.90
Chocolate Milk RM4.90
Ginger Green Tea Yuzu Float RM5.90
I ordered this because everyone else has already ordered the one which I one. This drink had quite a strong ginger taste. The more you drink, the more spicier it gets. If you like ginger in your drinks, this one is for you. Very good for those who are having migraine and some said it can prevent cancer too. Not sure how true is that.

Chef Shimbo Katsunori from Japan.

The management arranged Chef Shimbo to demonstrate on how to make the Japanese gyoza, the thick and thin original ramen noodle plus sharing his story on the recipe which was all created by him.

Gyoza in making....

The thin and thick original ramen noodle.

Some interior shots at Ikuzo Ramen.

It's a whole new ramen revolution!

This poster is cool! :D
My conclusion: I personally prefer the thin ramen noodle instead of the thick ramen noodle. Some of the soup based reminds me of Maggie Mee curry flavour, not sure if it's a good or a bad thing. Anyway, the prices for all the ramen are really affordable, from RM5.90-RM10.90. The side dishes will definitely be the reason for me to go back to this place. Love the Wafu dressing a lot. The drinks may taste new to you and you might not accept it, depends on what you order. Still, please do not expect to get the exact ramen taste from Menya Mushashi or Yamagoya.
Always remember, what you pay is what you get.

Ikuzo Ramen
No.52, Jalan SS2/61,
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Ikuzo Ramen Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IkuzoRamen?ref=ts

.: Peace Out :.