Kungfu Paradise @ Paradigm Mall

It's been a while since I last saw Jolyn, one of my blogger friend who went to oversea to pursue her education and has came back to Malaysia for a few days on her semester break. I suggested to do a meet up with a few other bloggers at Paradigm Mall since it's not too far away from where we are staying and it's always good to bring someone to a new mall which he or she has never been there before and so my girlfriend, Snoopy, Jolyn and myself agreed to meet up there.

The Menu
The place where we met up was at the Kungfu Paradise, 'a cafe with a kick' in Paradigm Mall. I've never tried this place before by looking at the crowd, prices and variety of food, it should be okay to try it out. Lets see how strong is the kick of this cafe.

On the first page of the menu, it show's their All Time Favourite - Top 3 Masterpiece. It looks quite nice on the menu and the price was not too expensive for a shopping mall in PJ. So I decided to order all three of them to see how good is their so called 'Top 3 Masterpiece'.

Kungfu Bun RM2.60

First to arrive was the Kungfu Bun. The real thing looks kind of sad compared to the visual on the menu. I don't see the piece of butter in cube form and also the condensed milk were already merged into the bread. So was it really 'crunchy on the first bite'? Not at all, it's just a simple piece of round bread with milk and butter. For the price of RM1.30 per piece, I think I could have ordered something else.

Kungfu Bumger RM7.20

The second masterpiece was the Kungfu Bumger, not idea why they called it 'bumger'. Some might think that it's a typo but that is what really written on the menu and also in the receipt. I still remember having a chicken burger somewhere in Times Square and the size was really small with the price of RM6.90. This one, I'm pretty sure the size of that piece of chicken was bigger and also the sauce was quite nice. I would recommend this to anyone who's bored with McDonald's Spicy Chicken McDeluxe.

Kungfu Cold Stylo Coffee RM4.60 (right) and Iced Milk Tea RM4.60 (left)

The last masterpiece was the Kungfu Stylo Coffee (cold) which is on the right hand side of the picture above. Where's the foam and why are they using the cheapo plastic cups? Taste was okay but I think this kind of drinks can be easily found somewhere else for half of the price.

Kungfu French Toast RM5.90

Next dish was ordered by Jolyn, the Kungfu French Toast. Looks the same like those from Wong Kok Char Chan Teng and Kim Gary but taste... not sweet at all! That's why they included the maple syrup with the french toast.

Maple flavour of Lyles Golden Syrup
This is an imported maple syrup, but at least they are using some good quality stuff there.

Oreo Shake RM9.90
Not bad according to Jolyn but the portion seems to be a little too small.

Dry Ramen with Chicken RM10.90

My next dish was the Dry Ramen with Chicken. The sausages were edible but the noodles was too dry and tasteless. A little disappointed with this one.

The Duo Master RM16.90

The Duo Master ordered by le gf. Combination of chicken and pork chop on top of the cheese baked rice. This one was quite good although the price can be a little too high.

KFP Brownie RM12.90
Snoopy came late and only ordered this. Didn't try this because I was too full with all the food earlier.

Jolyn took out her new smartphone which she got it in UK. It's the Motorola FlipOut Android smartphone with Motoblur. I think it's not sold locally here.

It's small and quite stylish.

A photo of Jolyn with Snoopy, peace up! :)

Total damage is RM83.05 with 10% service charge. I don't think I will ever come back to this place in future unless the rest of the restaurants are packed.

Kungfu Paradise
Lot 2F-21, Lvl 2, Paradigm Mall
No.1, Jalan SS7/26A,
47301, Kelana Jaya
Petaling Jaya

***Photos taken with ZTE Blade***

.: Peace Out :.