It was being said that self confidence is the difference between feeling unstoppable and feeling scared out of your wits. It is also defined as a full trust, where we belief in the powers, trustworthiness, or reliability of a person or thing which include our image in order to build up our confidence in ability to succeed.

I myself believe that physical image or appearance plays a big part of building our self confidence. I do not need to wear all so formal for my daily work, since I'm working in the creative line especially when I'm doing my shooting. I prefer to dress as comfortable and trendy as I can but not to the extend of wearing torn jeans, slippers and an old crumpled tee to work.

Last Thursday, I went for the showcase of full-service image consulting firm, Bkay Nair Resources (BNR) which took place at Temptation Kitchen at Changkat KL. They showcased their comprehensive consulting company which aims to help customers recreate themselves by discovering their hidden personalities within. At the same time, it's good to see a few familiar faces at the event and get to know some of the new blogger friends.

The ambiance in Temptation Kitchen
The warm and classy environment looks like a pretty nice venue to hang out or for events.
So here's some of the informations that you need to know about Bkay Nair Resources (BNR)

BNR is a full-service image consulting firm which aims to help customers recreate themselves by discovering their hidden personalities within. 

One of Bkay's assistant, who's also the emcee of the day.
Bkay Nair, the founder of BKAY NAIR RESOURCES
They conduct seminars, workshops, special programs, individual services, and private consulting, all relating to the physical, social, psychological, and aesthetic aspects of personal appearance and self-presentation in all ways of life. They also work with individuals, businesses, industries, universities, schools, government, and organisations, customising programs and services to deliver extraordinary results that meet and exceed expectations. 

Bkay Nair's mother had her image consulted by her very own daughter. How sweet is that!
At the showcase, Bkay mentioned that how you feel is important, hence BNR can help women fight weaknesses and discover ways to build up the confidence and self esteem. 

The simple launching ceremony.
BKAY NAIR Resources was officially launched!
A group photo with the founder and bloggers.
"In BNR, we reinvent people by making changes in them from the inside out. The final result is profound shift in appearance, performance and attitude. We give people the gift of self-confidence and self-esteem that everyone needs but more often than not, lacks"

Friendly bloggers at the launch. First time meeting Rane :)
Sufficient amount of food to fill up my growling stomach! :P
Besides the launch ceremony, there were also a fashion showcase of a few models in some really striking apparels that resembling the latin dance fashion.

The fashion designer!

There was also a make up demonstration by one of our very own local make up artist who had done a lot of make up for celebrity like Erra Fazira and for movies like Sembilu.

Services offered by BKAY NAIR RESOURCES include:

Corporate Image
Personnel Branding
Social Etiquette
Personal Shopper
Wardrobe Organisation
Training for Aspiring Models

Their approach and method are in seminars, workshop or consultation.
If you are interested, please contact BKAY NAIR RESOURCES at:-

Mobile: 0162329365 / 0127731502

.: Peace Out :.