701Pages Launch @ The Westin KL

The official launch of 701pages.com happened on the 12th of July 2012 at the Grand Ballroom, The Westin Kuala Lumpur. I was invited to witness the launch and also to join in the press conference together with the other press media who's at the event as well. From what I've known, the 701pages.com was actually a rebrand name for 701panduan which was quite successful in the local online directory market. So what's new about the 701pages besides the new domain name?

The newly launched 701pages.com brings new meaning to online marketing platforms and tools. It has a comprehensive search directory that not only lists and enhances, but also promotes businesses online. Breathing life to a new generation of directories via its revamped and improved site, www.701pages.com, the Malaysian-powered directory maintains the most updated business listings. 701pages.com is the online directory search portal run by 701Panduan Sdn Bhd, a 50-50 joint venture company held by Singapore Press Holdings and Star Publications. 

701pages model / show girl / ambassador / whatever they are called.
Myself and Li Ping of www.tallpiscesgirl.com
With traffic amounting to 1.4 million, and being the No.1 commercial site in Business and Finance section [Source: Effective Measure, 2012], 701pages.com is the gateway to a myriad of information on business via the Internet. As the reigning No.1 local search in Malaysia, it provides an accurate, rich and interactive information service based on the convenience of social media network. 

At the press conference with the General Manager and others.
The newly revamped 701pages.com
Using the latest technologies, 701pages.com brings to users interactive tools highlighting features that transform business opportunities to sales via the Enquiry button. Users are linked directly to the business, cutting out the ‘middle man’ altogether. Moving beyond its traditional role as an online directory, the brand new site will push boundaries by adopting a more peer-review based feature to create a community-like environment within 701pages.com. With this peer-review based feature, users will be able to review and grade each other's products and services, thus adding credibility to the products and services on offer at this website. 

Rebecca and Missyblurkit trying their luck at the 701pages  open door apps.
I was trying my luck too but I didn't win any at all but you guys can head over to their FB page   https://www.facebook.com/701pages to try your luck at their open door apps to win some prizes.
If tabs are not big enough, they have big screen tv for users to try out the game too.

Magic performance by Andrew Lee. David Lai was supposed to perform as well but he didn't.

It still puzzled me on how he managed to turn back the water which had filled with the colourful sand back into clear water. Hmmm...

Next up was a violin performance by the well known violinist, Dennis Lau.

Beyond self-business listings, 701pages.com also has its own online store via mystore.com.my and discount portal at superdeals.my. Reaching over 1.4 million visitors monthly, 701pages.com's latest rebranding includes not only a visual make-over but comes with value-added services that boost its operation and optimise its reach. 

Simplifying the search for the ultimate service, 701pages.com provides users with driving routes, available landmarks, easy to navigate search system, among other features that keeps a high return visitor rate of 40 per cent each month. True to its tagline ‘7 Days A Week, Your No.1 Local Search Directory’, 701pages.com services extend beyond the Klang Valley to include all states in Malaysia. 

Launch Gambit by the VIPs
Mr Lee Siang Teck, General Manager, 701Panduan, said: "The new added features of 701pages.com's website will make 701Panduan an integrated online-marketing company that serves both users and advertisers well. Advertisers will now have the opportunity to transform online exposure to actual business transactions that generate revenue, while users will experience the benefits of an interactive community platform generated by peer-review recommendations for anything from food to hotels."

“We are offering greater value to our customers by converting their online experience to actual sales. This will also help our growth in the long run,” he added.

After the launch and speeches, we were all invited for a scrumptious buffet lunch which had been prepared for us.

The 701pages.com official launch cake! :D

After lunch, we were asked to go back in to the ballroom for the lucky draw. The grand prize was a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1"! Finger crossed that they will be announcing my number....

Waited until the very end of the time and I can only see the prizes one by one taken by others who's also at the launch.

Anyway, at least someone I knew won a prize at the lucky draw!

Just like any other online based company, 701pages.com will also bring latest updates to users via http://twitter.com/701pages and https://www.facebook.com/701pages

For more information on 701pages, please visit http://www.701pages.com.

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