Rewards2Go: Your Credit Card Privileges Directory!

I'm sure there's many of you out there who love to shop especially during the Malaysia Shopping Carnival but there's also time when we just feel like going for a window shopping that ended up bringing home a few bags of item from the shops. So what do you think about paying the items which you have bought without any discout or offer? Must be really a big heartache... the feeling is like a knife that had went through our heart when we had to spent so much on that nice piece of dress, awesome pair of shoe or even a stylish looking watch which I'm really into. So what can we do?

Here is something that might be able help you! First of all, you need have an iPhone, doesn't matter if it's the latest one or not, or an iPad or maybe even an iPod touch which is only about RM699 in the market now. As long as the devices are installed with iOS 4.2 or the latest version. So cheap, it makes me wanna get one for myself. LOL!

Go to the apps store and search for this particular keyword, 'rewards2go' or you can to this 'link'. If you found the exact same thing as the picture above then just click on it and download. Well, it's FREE! No need to pay a single cent! :)

Here's some of the info that you need to know. Just read it on the picture above cause I'm too lazy to retype the whole thing! Teehee :P

There's 2 options to go for which is searching 'By Bank' eg; Citibank, CIMB or 'By Merchant' eg; The Coffee Bean, TGV Cinemas. By the way, the merchants are from all sort of categories such as shopping, food, travel, services, health, beauty and so on....

Now you can have more coffee at the Coffee Bean since there's an offer of 20% of for selected purchase!

There's also another offer at the Fu-Rin Japanese Restaurant where customer that have the listed card can be able to enjoy 20% off the total bill! That's a pretty good saving! Imagine your total bill is RM100, you'll get to keep the RM20 for other stuff like movie tickets or more food to eat! :)

You can also create bookmark or favorite on the privileges that are offered. How convenient! Most important is that, the whole idea of knowing the discounts and great offers just by a few clicks on our iOS device!

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download the apps for FREE and start to experience the privileges that you will get thanks to the credit card privileges directory, Rewards2Go apps!

.: Peace Out :.