Launch of Imbi Palace Group Rebranding

It was the launch of the rebranding event for Imbi Palace Group from their previous company name which is the Palace Group. The event was attended by 140 guests including bloggers, members of the media and friends to witness the rebranding of the company name which signifies a new milestone on their journey, and a symbol of more exciting things to come. 

Grand Palace Restaurant
The event took place at the Grand Palace Restaurant located at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. The restaurant specializes in Cantonese food with a wide range of 'live' seafood, HK dim sum and barbecue, Cantonese porridge, noodles and I also have been told that their have one of the best Lanzhou 'la mien'. The noodles are specially imported from Hong Kong to give an authentic taste in every bite.

The classy interior of the restaurant
Growing up in a Chinese family especially with my dad who worked his entire life in a Chinese restaurant's kitchen, I tend to be more selective when it comes to Chinese cuisine especially Cantonese food. Lets just go on with some of the highlights of the events.

The energetic emcee of the event, Ms. Jocelyn Lim.

Imbi Palace restaurant started in 2003 by KMN Mr. Lum Tuck Loy, Yap Yook Wah, renowned HK chef Mr. Chin Hon Yin, a few other partners, their executive chef Jason Tong and their General Manager Annie Chang. “Earlier this year, we closed down our outlet on Jalan Imbi to make way for the development projects in the city. This was our first outlet, the place where it all started, and we were leaving. Imbi Palace Restaurant would be gone forever. This is why, after some thought we decided to change our company name to the Imbi Palace Group.” said Mr. Lum during his speech.

Mr. Lum mentioned that the Imbi Palace Restaurant history and heritage will continue to live on in the company name. With the new name, a new logo now represents the restaurants. As with the previous logo, the corporate colour is Gold. Gold represents the gold standards adhere to in the food, in terms of taste and quality and service excellence. The Chinese calligraphy stroke in the new logo stands for culture, tradition and art. “At the Imbi Palace Group of Restaurants, we want to share our passion for food with you and your loved ones and bring excitement to your palate.” Mr. Lum added.

After the speech, we are then served with the 9-course dinner which are arranged and designed by Chef Jason Tong, Group Executive Chef. He has over 20 years experience in Cantonese Cuisine with a reputable hotel in Hong Kong.

Double Boiled Cordyceps Flower with Top Shell & Fish Maw (RM28.00)
Our very first dish was the Double Boiled Cordyceps Flower with Top Shell & Fish Maw are cooked at their main kitchen. Being very healthy with good nutrition, it claims to improve skin complexion, nourishes our Yin, and cleanses our kidney. Every scoop of the soup had a very chewy texture in my mouth and surely this was a good starter for me.

Our next dish is Crispy Golden Peking Duck. Many have known the Peking Duck is a popular duck dish from Beijing, hence the name Peking also stands for 'Beijing' in other Chinese dialects.

Here's a simple briefing on how to wrap the Crispy Golden Peking Duck. Firstly, take the skin and meat, add some scallion and our specially prepared hoisin sauce and wrap it in the home-made thin pancakes called Momo at your table. If you do it right, when you bite into it, the juices from the meat will trickle between your finger tip. So easy, fun and delicious, right? :)

Crispy Golden Peking Duck (RM70.00)
Just wrap it over and it's ready to be consume! :D

The inside of the Crispy Golden Peking Duck.
I always enjoy eating Crispy Golden Peking Duck in whichever restaurant or functions I went to but since I'm not paying the bill, I can't wallop everything by myself without leaving some for the rest. I would if I could! :P

Pan Fried Stuffed Scallops (RM14.00)
Next is the Pan Fried Stuffed Scallops. The scallops are stuffed with fresh prawns to create two distinct flavors and aromas. Not a really big fan of scallop but this was quite good and tender.

8 Treasures Truffles Chicken (RM80.00)
For this particular dish, the chicken is prepared by stuffing 8 different types of mushrooms that has been infused with truffle sauce. The entire chicken is hung up to roast to bring out the rich flavor of the chicken meat while maintaining a crispy skin on the outside. Due to the “hanging”, you will notice that the neck of the chicken is longer than usual, and that is how the name, Kookoo chicken comes about.

For me, it was hilarious to just look at the picture above. It's like the roasted chicken opening its shirt and trying to sell some mushrooms under it! Hahaha... By the way, the mushrooms were pretty good!

BBQ Broiled Spanish Pork Ribs (RM158.00)
I didn't manage to get a shot of the full portion of this BBQ Broiled Spanish Pork Ribs but anyway the ribs are from the Spanish Iberian pig, which is known for its nutty flavour, and its delicate melt-in-your-mouth marbling. The Iberian pig’s diet of acorns gives it a uniquely tender, rich and rosy meat. It's nice but somehow the taste is a little bit salty for me but it might be able to soften the taste with white rice or a glass of cold beer.

South African Dried Abalone (Promo – RM 88.00 per piece)
Our next dish, the South African Dried Abalone looks like a golden ingot that signifies wealth and prosperity. Harvested from the unpolluted seas off the coast of Hermanus, the quality of the abalone is assured because we follow international Food Safety methodology, that is, the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points), in its preparation process. Notice the texture of the abalone is sticky, rich and chewy. That's what the fact sheet says, I'm not an abalone expert here so please don't be so harsh on me by questioning me about this, okay?

Since it is a very expensive dish, so I think giving us half of the abalone was good enough for someone like me who's less appreciative of eating abalone.

3 bloggers who won the lucky draw were Jane, Isaac Tan & Kelly Chin. So lucky lah!
In between the dishes, they announced the five lucky winners to walk away with a voucher for 2 abalones each to enjoy the next time they visit any of the Imbi Palace Group outlets. 

The next dish is our Lan Zhou Knife Shaved Ramen. This is a delicacy from Lan Zhou, GanSu, China and is a heritage food enjoyed for generations. The Ramen is shaved off a ball of dough and as such none are identical. Today’s Ramen will be served in a pickled vegetable soup.

LanZhou Knife Shaved Ramen (RM10.00)
The LanZhou Knife Shaved Ramen taste was very unique. Although the ramen was served in pickled vegetable soup, the ramen paired pretty quite well with the soup.

Braised Noodle with Duck Meat (RM18.00)
Remember that we had the Crispy Golden Peking Duck earlier on? You know where to put the duck meat? They did not throw it away or use it to feed the animals but they use the duck meat to cook with braised noodle. By the time they served this, my stomach has already sending the NO signal to my brain but my mouth just couldn't stop eating. Hahaha...

Snow Skin Mooncake Lotus Seed Paste with 1 Egg Yolk (RM15.80)
After the heavy dishes, there's always good to have some desserts to cool down our stomach. First, we had the Snow Skin Mooncake Lotus Seed Paste with 1 Egg Yolk. It's hand made by their Chef Nam-gor who is from Singapore.

Everyone get to bring back one mooncake home for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Yay! :D

Coconut Pudding (RM8.00)
That's not all, we also had the Coconut Pudding which I can never resist. It definitely cooled down my body from all the large amount of food intake. Last but not least, here's a group photo with the bloggers and some of them I just met at the event.

A group photo with some of the bloggers.
FYI, currently there are four Imbi Palace Group outlets as below:-
1. Mutiara Palace Restaurant, Mutiara Damansara
2. The Klang Palace Restaurant, Centro Mall, Klang
3. Grand Palace @ Pavilion
4. The Jaya Palace Restaurant, Menara LYL

There will also be a new outlet opening soon which is the Palace at Setia City in Shah Alam with banquet facilities of over 250 tables.

Fore more information, kindly visit their website at 
Facebook Page:

Till then, have a wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival! :D

.: Peace Out :.