Royal Satay Celup @ Uptown Damansara, PJ

Latest update: They have closed down this shop and their Facebook page & website no longer available too.

I'm sure most of you must have heard or even tried the Satay Celup which is very popular in Malacca.
If you have never seen or heard about it, it's pretty much like Lok Lok, skewered raw and semi-cooked ingredients are dunked in a boiling pot of scrumptious satay sauce. Over the years I've tried two Satay Celup restaurants in Malacca and I had blogged about them here and here. So in this blog post, I'm going to introduce a newly opened Satay Celup shop not in Malacca but delightfully in Petaling Jaya.

Locating strategically at Damansara Utama, it only takes about 5 minutes drive from my place. If I would to compare to drive all the way to Malacca just to eat Satay Celup, then going to Royal Satay Celup in PJ is definitely more worth it.

Opened by a lovely couple, Simone and her husband, Joseph started a new restaurant which is a small, family-run establishment. So lets take a look on what's offered by Royal Satay Celup to their customers.

Price list on the white board.

As stated, one stick cost 80 cents, yellow plate is RM2, blue plate is RM3, a bowl of cendol gula melaka is RM3, leong sui is RM1.50 and soft drinks are RM2 each.

At around 6.30pm, the place was not crowded yet. The place is not very big but can hold about 6 tables there and the interior looks clean and the ventilation was pretty good. Thanks to Ysquare for posing in the picture.

A glass of leong sui which cost RM1.50 to cool down our heaty body especially in the hot Malaysia weather.

The fridge that's keeping the food chill.

There's a lot of food variety on the stick from vegetable, meat, seafood, etc...

Unlike the one in Malacca, there's different pricing on some of the sticks whereby all the sticks in Royal Satay Celup is only 80 cents each.

The one thing which I really like about Royal Satay Celup is that every pot of sauce is freshly made and not those recycled sauce where the previous group of customers had eaten with.

Update: They have now changed their policy of fresh pots for every table and have decided to opt for public sharing pots (similar to the original Malaccan concept). However, they would still provide the occasional customer with the option of having a fresh pot of sauce at RM 10 for Half Pot and RM 20 for Full Pot.

After bringing in the pot of sauce, Simone pour down the shredded peanuts into the sauce.

The sauce with the peanuts on top.

Then the sauce needs to be mix evenly.

After mixing it, we waited for a while for the sauce to slowly boil before we put in the sticks.

The sticks in the pot.

After a few minutes, the food is cooked and it's ready to eat.

One of the favorite food in Royal Satay Celup is the deep fried man tao. Best to eat when it's still warm with the satay sauce!

Anyone can guess what's this? Haha...

At around 8pm, the place was full and the crowd comes and go.

The bloggers at Royal Satay Celup! Thank to the owner, Simone for inviting us for the food review.

Overall, the food was good and affordable. What I like most is the sauce, the taste was mild and not strong if to compare with the one in Malacca. Thumbs up!!! So for those who are interested to try it out, you can take a look at the details below:-

Royal Satay Celup
53, Jalan SS 21/1A,
Damansara Utama, 48400
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
(Non Halal)
Open Tues-Sun: 5pm - 12am / Mon: closed

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