The Celcom Cupcake Challenge by Celcom

Recently, I was invited to go for the 'Get Baking Malaysia! Cupcake Baking Class' at The Cooking House with the rest of the bloggers and members of media. It was organized by Celcom for the Celcom Cupcake Challenge, an exciting online contest in conjunction of Malaysia's 55th anniversary of independence or 'Merdeka Day' and the upcoming Malaysia Day celebration on the 16th of September.

The online contest, Celcom Cupcake Challenge was held from 30th August 2012 until 23rd September 2012. It was my very first time to experience on learning how to bake cupcakes and thanks to Celcom, it was a very memorable experience.

Speech and group photo of the participants before the baking class begins.

Since it was quite a huge group of us, we were divided into 2 groups whereby the other group which consist of 20 people are called to enter the other room for the baking class.

Above is the cupcakes with the Malaysia flag icing on it. That's what we were asked to do but we are being told that it's up to our creativity but we will need to stick to the theme.

Our tools and ingredients for baking 12 small Vanilla cupcakes!

The ingredients are listed down below:
110g of plain flour
1 and a half teaspoon of baking powder
125g of butter
100g of sugar
2 nos. of eggs
1 and a half teaspoon of Vanilla Essence
2 table spoon of milk

My silly look while creaming the butter and sugar
Earlier I paired up with Ah Bok but along the way we tried to fasten up the baking process by teaming up with Yvonne and Hilda. The more the better!

Ah Bok from
Here's how we were taught to bake the Vanilla cupcakes:-

First of all, we need to sieve the flour with the baking powder and after that we need to cream the butter  and sugar together until it's pale yellow/white and fluffy. Next, we beat in the eggs and fold in the flour carefully without overmixing it. With a spoon, we filled the paper cups for the cupcake about 2/3 full. 

Lastly, we send all the cupcakes to bake. All the cupcakes were baked at 160degrees for about 13 minutes and there goes my silly face again, being happy to see all the freshly baked cupcakes like a father to his new born baby.

Our instructor, Ros teaching us how to use the piping bag to pipe out the icing.

...and here's the result. I like the colour really much. It's so saturated and almost matches my blue Ice Watch. Hehe...

TADAA! Here's the result of our hardwork! Nice or not?

We were very happy to be voted to have the nicest cupcakes among all the other teams.

A group photo with our instructor, Ros.
We got a cooking book courtesy of The Cooking House. I had a lot of fun and thanks to my team mates, Ah Bok, Yvonne and Hilda for the great team work.

Remember guys, the cupcake contest is on from the 30th August 2012 until 23rd September 2012, all the prizes worth up to RM100k. What you need to do is, design a cupcake with your very own creative interpretation of national pride and upload the photo to the link here.

55 participants with the most 'Likes' on their entries will be chosen to go on to the grand finale which is on the 29th September 2012. On that day, the 55 finalists are to replicate their cupcake designs witnessed by the public and a panel of celebrity judges, who will choose the top three cupcakes designs based on creativity, uniqueness and closest match to submitted photos.

The top 3 winner will walk away with a brand new Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone worth RM2,199 each and RM10k, RM5k and RM2k in cash for the first, second and third places respectively while the rest will receive a LG Prade mobile phone. I'm sure the prizes are pretty worth the try!

Last but not least, Celcom is giving out free cupcakes on Malaysia Day which is on the 16th of September 2012. To find out the location for the free cupcake and the challenge, click on the link below:-

*credits to Anna, Ah Bok & Hilda for some of the pictures.*

.: Peace Out :.