UFO Desserts & Drinks @ Bandar Manjalara, Kepong

UFO Desserts & Drinks has opened a branch at Bandar Manjalara and the owner invited us, the bloggers to head over there for a review in the evening. I've been to their very first branch in SS2 a few times and now the place is quite packed from time to time especially during weekends. So lets take a look at what they offering in this branch.

Entering UFO, the interior was just like the one in SS2 branch - clean and comfortable for a dessert and drinks cafe for the customers. They have quite a simple looking visual on the side of the wall for the UFO sets and their hot delights as well. Besides desserts, they also offer drinks and snacks as well. Below are some of the item that we have tried during the food tasting session.

Honey Peach Yoghurt Smoothie with Rainbow Jelly topping (RM 5.50) on the right and Winter Melon Tea with Grass Jelly (RM 4) on the left. It is recommended to have less sugar for either one of the drinks unless you prefer to have really sweet taste in your drinks. I enjoy drinking the winter melon tea for it's really cooling especially on a hot Malaysia weather.

On the left is the Pearl Milk Tea (RM 4.50) and on the right is the Aiyu Lemon Green Tea (RM 4.50). I  really like the taste of the Aiyu Lemon Green Tea because it's really refreshing with the lemon taste and I'm quite sure a lot of ladies will like this drink as well.

If you prefer having shaved ice dessert, the QQ ball series is most recommended for you with any toppings that you like. 1 topping for RM4.50 while 3 toppings for RM6.00.

It was my very first time trying their UFO Lemon Aiyu with Aiyu Jelly and Yoghurt Popping Balls (RM 4.50). The aiyu jelly and yogurt popping balls are the selling point for this dessert!

Next up is the Grass Jelly Series with Sweet Potato, red beans and QQ balls topping (RM 6.00). The smoothness of the grass jelly is easily being enjoyed by anyone from young to old. Their red bean is pretty good and sweet too!

Soya Ice Series with grass jelly, pearls, Taro and QQ Balls toppings (RM 6.00)

Matcha Ice Series with Red Bean, Taro, Ocha Balls and Yoghurt Popping Balls (RM 6.00)

Besides the icy cold dessert, one of their hot desserts which is the Hot Grass Jelly with Mini QQ Balls (RM6.00) is also pretty good to have. It's very rare to find these mini QQ balls at other Taiwanese dessert shops.

Too bad they were not able to serve us other snacks other than the fries. Their fries are priced at RM5.00 each with a few flavors which is the Wasabi, Seaweed, BBQ, Cheese and Chilli. 

My favorite fries were the seaweed and cheese!

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UFO Desserts & Drinks
No. 53, Jalan 3/62A,
Bandar Manjalara,
52200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-6262 6478

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Business Hours: Mon - Sun: 1:00 pm - 1:00 am

*All photos taken with Canon Powershot G9*

.: Peace Out :.