Freeze 2 @ Genting International Showroom

Do you remember that I've posted about my trip to Genting Highlands a few days ago? I had a frozen experience at the SnowWorld (my post here). This time round, I'll be talking about my experience watching their in-house show at the Genting International Showroom - Freeze 2. 

Freeze 2 is a magical journey on ice that combines music, dance, skating, illusion and acrobatics with a touch of comedy. It is being mentioned that we will be amazed once again with a lineup of more impressive and spectacular ice skating maneuvers and gravity-defying acrobatic displays. Expect a top-notch performance as only professional performers who belong to the crème de la crème are hand-picked to be a part of this production.

People lining up to get their tickets for the 9pm show.

I did not go for their previous show which is Freeze last year but I did asked what's the different between this two shows. I was told that there's a big improvement on the ice skating and they've added acrobatic performances.

The stage.
 Entering the Genting International Showroom, it was already pretty chill since the whole floor of the stage was filled with ice. The overview of the stage gave me an impression of the back of an alien ship. We were sitted really close to the stage that we can actually feel the coldness of the ice flooring.

Before the show started, a man with a funny hairstyle came out to interact with the audience and interact with them.

 He chose a few people from the audience to play some of the music instruments made out of household items.

It wasn't really good with all the awkwardness and all but it was quite funny to look at them.

Le gf and I before the show starts.
 We brought in our camera or mobile phones and free to take pictures around before the show started. When they started their very first performance, all the ushers will be spotting audience who's taking picture of the performances. It's clearly stated that no video recording and photography during the show but they surely won't confiscate our cameras.

Alternately through out the entire show, there's magic show, ice skating and acrobatic. The ice skating performances were done by some really professional folks. I like the LED display ice skating the most.

High flying acrobatic performances by some children and very young teens.

It was quite scary to look at them doing that.

After the show, we can take picture with any of the performers outside the showroom at the designated area with charges of course.

My Verdict:
Despite some of the unpredicted flaws they did during the show, I feel that there's one part may be good to be taken out since it's quite draggy and lame (I'll let you guys to find out yourself at the show). We also noticed that the violin was actually pre-recorded. Overall, it did manage to entertain everyone of us especially the heart pumping acrobatic performances.

A video of some of the performances that you will expect from Freeze 2 below:-

The tickets are selling at the price as below:-

Normal Price:
Adult Child  
VIP RM115 RM60
PS1 RM85 RM45  
PS2 RM55 RM30

GWC Members' Special Discount:
RM86 RM45  (VIP)
RM63.50   RM33  (PS1)
 RM41 RM30  (PS2)

Genting WorldCard Members' Special Discount:
- 25% discount for Adult tickets. Applicable to all price scales.
- 25% discount for Child tickets. Applicable to VIP and PS1 tickets only.

Children aged 3 to 12 years MUST purchase a Child ticket for admission. The discounted rate published above is only available to a stipulated number of tickets and is subject to change without prior notice. Strictly no video camera, camera (professional or point-and-shoot) and tablet computers such as iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc to be brought into the venue.

Other terms and conditions apply.

*Kindly call (603) 6105 2993 (from 10am to 9pm daily) for the latest updates on No Show Days before making any reservations. For booking, enquiries or redemption via GP or WP, kindly contact (603) 2718 1118

For more info and to find out their no show dates, log on to:-

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