Muay Thai Workshop at Dragon Muaythai Club

A few months back, I was at the Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa for the Thailand vs Asia Press Conference [Blog link here]. On that day, they announced the date for the event and also the fighters who will be fighting on the ring. On the 22nd September, thanks to Nuffnang, I was invited for the Muay Thai Workshop at Dragon Muaythai Club.

The membership rates at the Dragon Muaythai Club. I'm not sure if it's still valid at this moment.
Previously, I had one Muaythai lessons at the Muayfit in PJ with the one month free pass and I did not utilize it well enough as I had to commit to my full time job at that time. Anyway, I had always been interested to pick up new martial art as I had been practicing Shotokan Karate for 5 years during high school. It was a bad thing that I did not achieved the black belt ranking as they fees were quite high for a secondary student at that time. Anyway, lets just proceed to the muaythai workshop at the club.

Dragon Muaythai Club is an indoor but open air type of muaythai club. It can hold up to about 20 pax at one session and the good thing is that since it's open air, it doesn't required air conditioning which is better for our body muscles to warm up faster.

They have facilities such as the boxing ring for those members who wish to have a training sparring session with their partner.

They also provide a few types of sand bags and also cardio machines for members.

Before we start our training, warm up exercise is a must.

Me, trying to do a right kick on the mid body and Faizal pushing my body back to create a a proper posture.
At the workshop, we learnt some basic muaythai technique such as how to throw punches with both hands, how to fight with our elbows, how to launch kicks and also how to do a punch combo. The only thing that they missed out in the workshop was to teach us how to block, dodge, clinch and basic footwork.

An actual training session of the fighters with their 'ajar' (trainer).

Le gf doing her 10 kicks with her right leg. It's funny to see her trying to complete all 10 kicks.

He grabbed my right leg and tried to make me fall by kicking off my left leg but I managed to dodge it by jumping over it! LOL
I had an opportunity to do a light sparring with Faizal, a local Muaythai hero with his famous name "The Golden Elbow". It was a fun experience and it's good to be able to really work out although I had started my light work out routine at home for more than a month now.

A compulsory photo with the owner of the club, fighters, bloggers and friends!

After the workshop, we had pizza to fill up our stomach and 100Plus to quench our thirst!

By the way, you must not miss out this great muaythai event!

Thailand Vs. Asia
Date: October 9th, 2012
Time: Opening at 7:00PM
Venue: Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre

Get your tickets from:
2.Rock Corner
3.Victoria Music
4.KL Live @ Life Centre

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Please call AirAsiaRedtix Ticketing Hotline at +603 - 8775 4666.
Hotline is operational from 9am-6pm on weekdays.

Dragon Muaythai Club

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Wisma City Tower,
Bukit Bintang
50200 Kuala Lumpur

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