SnowWorld @ Genting Highlands

Recently, a few bloggers and I went up to Genting Highlands for a 2 days 1 night stay at the First World Hotel. It was my second trip to Genting Highland and I had my very first trip back in 2008 (blog link here). One of our itinerary was to visit the SnowWorld, a winter wonderland built in Genting Highlands.

SnowWorld @ Genting Highland.
Here's some fact about SnowWorld. Opened in 2003, SnowWorld is one of the largest snow attraction in Malaysia, spanning an area of 22,800 square feet. The attraction closed since November 2011 to undergo a major revamp that cost approximately RM12million. One of the bonuses of the newly-renovated SnowWorld is that the expanded snow chamber can now accommodate up to 250 people at one time.

Our ticket to enter SnowWorld!
Even if you have purchased the entrance ticket into SnowWorld, you may not be able to enter immediately as you only can enter according to the time scheduled on the ticket. Every ticket allows us to enter SnowWorld for a duration of 40 minutes. We were told that the chamber is normally about minus 6 degrees inside but on that day, we saw the digital temperature panel stating minus 9 degrees!

Photos taken from the outside. There's a window panel that the public can look at the overview of what's happening inside the SnowWorld. There's an English tea shop, a French bakery, an Itallian pizzeria, wine shop, Swiss chocolates store, etc. Of course, they are not really operating for business inside SnowWorld. It's just the concept and I'm sure it's pretty nice for photography purposes.

Below are some of the "DO" and "DO NOT" at SnowWorld.

No mobile phone and cameras are allowed into SnowWorld but I've seen some of them happily brought in their mobile phones and snap pictures with it. I did not bring any of them in (although my DSLR is weatherproof) since there might be a possibility that our digital gadgets become sluggish or stop working. There's sufficient locker if you want to keep your valuables. I managed to fit in my camera bag pack perfectly.

As we entered the premise, there's winter jacket provided for men, women and children as well. Comes in variety of sizes but it's quite limited though. So the best is to head in earlier to grab the suitable size for you.

There's also boots and gloves provided. They were pretty warm as they dry it in a very high temperature each time after the end of one session in SnowWorld. Those who are wearing sport shoes  boots or any other footwear that covers the entire foot should okay not to wear the boots which they provided. Gloves are necessary, take my word for it!

A photo with le gf (her blog) before entering the chilly chamber and below are some photos taken inside the chamber:-

I was showing a peace sign but it ended up looks like a 'middle finger' instead. LOL
Emma and Johanna were also with us at the SnowWorld. Do visit their blog at 

I was pretending to be a lamp post.

Our jump shoot attempt!

Emma's and Johanna's jump shoot!

Do you feel like sticking your tongue on the lamp post? Teehee...

Another picture together. Look at my red nose! :(

There's about 3-4 photographer inside the SnowWorld chamber. After taking your photo, the photographer will hand you a reference paper in order for you to collect your picture after the session. Each photo cost RM40 and RM110 for 3 photos.

My Verdict:
It was a new experience for me who never been to any winter country and I can experience it in SnowWorld. There's two level inside the chamber. There's more activity happening on the first level. If you can't stand the chillness, you can always go into the igloo which is a little warmer or the back area that has a few benches. Pretty much nothing to do since they have closed down the Giant Slide and only the small slide was working (a lot of kids are playing that). The photographers were quite friendly to us and takes a lot of our photos. Downside is that the photo itself cost more than the entrance ticket.

Level T2A, First World Plaza

Dress Code:
* Winter jacket, boots and gloves will be provided free of charge.
* No bermudas or shorts. No slippers. Socks and long pants are compulsory.

Age Limit:
Children below 3 years old and below 2 feet are strictly prohibited to enter the Snow World.

Terms & Conditions:
Management reserves the rights to close the Giant Slide without any prior notice.
Maximum weight requirement: 65kg
Minimum height requirement: 76cm
Express Lane: Not Available
Ticket prices are inclusive of jacket, boots and gloves.

  Price Per Entry:
RM25 for adults and RM 23 for Children, same price for wristband holder. Genting Rewards Card/ Genting WorldCard member can enjoy discounted price: RM23 for adults, RM21 for children.
Family package is not available.

Ticket price info:
For more info, check out their website at

.: Peace Out :.