Secret Recipe ® Beyond Veggie at Tropicana City Mall

A few months back which is around August this year, Secret Recipe has launched a meatless dining concept outlet called,"Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie" in Tropicana City Mall. It's their first outlet followed by their newly opened second branch at Publika. As one of the largest Malaysia's cakes and cafe chain, renowned for its award-winning cheesecakes and fusion culinary delights are proud to present their very first Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie concept offering diners an intriguing meatless dining experience.

I'm considered as a fan of Secret Recipe's cakes and I had a feeling that their new meatless dining concept may be as good as their cakes too. 

The interior concept of Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie has a garden feel with wooden chairs and tables compared to their normal Secret Recipe cafe.

This is their current tea time promotion for only RM8.80+ from 3pm to 6pm.

Some of the eggless cakes on the glass display offered by Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie.

The cakes seems to be really appetizing to me.

Upon our arrival, we were briefed about the concept of the Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie and what are dishes that we were to expect through out the food review.

Lemon grass fruit tea on the left and passion fruit tea on the right.
We had passion fruit and lemon grass fruit tea as our beverages. It had a good revitalizing taste and we heard that it's pretty good for detoxing and assisting in eliminate indigestion. So for those who always had meat and no vege in their meal, drink this for a better food digestion.

As for our appetizer, we had Rainbow Veggie Roll, Mushroom Bruschetta and Top Hats Pie Tee.

Top Hats Pie Tee (RM9.90)
My favorite was the Top Hats Pie Tee which is a popular Malaysian nyonya snack. Beyond Veggie's version is a refreshing recipe with diced green apple, seedless tomato and shredded water chestnut served in a crispy 'top hat' shell. Recommended if you prefer something taste refreshing with crisp at the same time!

Rainbow Veggie Roll (RM7.90)
Next up is the Rainbow Veggie Roll. It is a homemade dish and is layered with shaved carrots, cabbage, red cabbage, lettuce and topped with pumpkin floss. It's good to eat with the roasted sesame sauce and honey mustard which is served on the side.

Mushroom on Toasted Bruschetta (RM 9.90)
Slice oyster mushroom cooked with homemade cheese sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese served on lightly toasted bread, no one could resist this unless you dislike cheese! That's all for the appetizer, next up are some of the ala carte dishes.

Napoli Bianco Pizza (RM 16.90 for small and RM 25.90 for large)
The Napoli Bianco Pizza is a vegetarian pizza with crispy golden mushroom topped with homemade triple cheese sauce and three different color capsicums. This is the most recommended dish of the day.

Maisarah from showing off her great pizza scooping skill!

Sesame Spaghetti with Beancurd Roll Cutlet (RM 16.90)
Spaghetti in a delicious and light creamy roasted sesame sauce with a hint of sesame seed, topped with beancurd roll cutlet and mushrooms. The beancurl roll cutlet was supposed to represent the deep fried fish but it was a little too dry for me but I like the spaghetti, reminds me of chee cheong fun.

Assam Curd Cutlet with Assorted Beans and Eggplant (RM 16.90)
A vegetarian assam pedas 'nyonya' style dish cooked with special homemade assam paste and torch ginger bud, pineapple, lime leaf, long beans, eggplants, ladies fingers and tomatoes. Most suitable to eat together with plain rice!

Stir Fry Lion`s Mane Mushroom (RM 18.90)
Golden lion's mane mushroom marinated with special vegetarian seasoning and cook in spicy Portugese sauce which gives a taste that reminds me of Twistes crackers. Maybe it's due to the paprika spice in the sauce.

Red Yeast Fried Rice (RM 13.90)
If you can't end your meal without rice, here's Red Yeast Fried Rice for you. The rice is fried with a fragrant red yeast paste and shredded cabbage, french beans, baby corn and lion's mane mushroom. This dish has the beneficial to help lower cholesterol levels.

Mashed Potato Spread Sandwich (RM 14.90)
The mashed potato spread sandwich comes with cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, cucumber and a few other vege. It comes with side dishes which are the coleslaw and vegetarian crackers.

The side view of the sliced sandwich.
Deep Fried Shredded Mushroom with Basil Leaf and Pumpkin Floss (RM 18.90)
Again, another mushroom dish, it's the deep fried shredded mushroom with basil leaf and pumpkin floss. Don't forget to squeeze the lime on this dish for a slight sour taste. 

Ginger Enzyme Mee Sua Soup (RM 13.90)
Soft 'Mee Sua' noodle in a special white radish base soup served with ingredients that include carrot, baby corn broccoli, cauliflower, bean curd skin, oyster mushroom and tomato. Vegetable stock made from white radish, chinese cabbage and carrot. The soup is beneficial to aid cure for digestion. It has a very strong ginger taste too.

Last but not least, we had two different eggless cakes for dessert.

Macadamia Cheese (RM 7)
Cream cheese with delicious caramel and macadamia nuts set on a hi-fibre cereal biscuit base. This is my personal favorite since I like cheese and caramel so much!

Ube Yam Cake (RM 7) 
Luscious Yam cubes with 3 layers of yam fillings sandwiches with 4 layers of yam sponge covered with grated coconut. I find the combination of yam and coconut to be a little to dry for my liking. Or maybe I'm just not used to having eggless cake.

My conclusion: If you are in a vegetarian diet then Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie is the place to go with plenty of food variety. Price wise, it might be slight expensive but at least it's healthy for those who are on a strict diet.

Location address as below:-

Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie @ Tropicana City Mall
G-37 Ground Floor, No.3, Jalan SS20/27,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03 7722 1680

Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie @ Publika
A2-G2-2 & A2-G2-3, Solaris Dutamas.
No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480, Kuala Lumpur.

.: Peace Out :.