3AM (Movie Review)

3AM is the latest 3D Horror from Five Star Production after the success of their first 3D horror "Dark Flight". Thanks to Mm2 Entertainment S/B, I was invited to watch this movie at GSC Tropicana City Mall. If you are a fan of Thai horror film then read my entire review before you decide to watch this in the cinema.

The movie consists of 3 ghost stories; "The Wig", "The Corpse Bride" and "O.T." from 3 directors Issara Nadee (Dark Flight 3D,Art of the Devil 2 &3),Kirati Nakintanon (First Kiss),Patchanon Thumajira (Colic). The Thai belief that 3am is the hour that ghosts make their appearances -- the hour most haunted by restless spirits. 3AM is the hour of fear, and if you're wise, it's not the time to be in certain places: a wig shop, a funeral, or even in your office working overtime. Because you never know what took place there and because you never know what will come back...

The Wig
The Corpse Bride
Watch the official movie trailer below:-

My Conclusion (with spoilers):- I personally do not fond of movie that consist of different short movies incorporated to become a movie. I think it somehow shorten a lot of things which actually can be extended to surprise the viewers. I don't understand why in the first short movie (The Wig), the wig which belongs to a corpse was killing random people even after killing the one who actually cut out her hair from her head and sell it to the wig shop. Why did the ghost possessed the girl at the shop instead of killing all of them? Is it because she's kind hearted? For the second one (The Corpse Bride), did the guy actually made love with the corpse and how did the male corpse came out from the sealed coffin? Towards the end it was O.T. which I actually found it quite entertaining instead of frightening compared to the other Thai horror movies I've watched.

Horror Rating:- 2/5 (below mild)

Overall Rating:- 1/5

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