Exclusive Blogger Get-together Session with Red Army Watches

Back in November 2012, I was invited by Xavier Mah to attend an exclusive blogger get-together session with Red Army Watches. The event that evening took place at Circus at Pavilion KL. I consider myself as someone that appreciate timepiece to the extend of having the passion to have the desire to collect some of the well known brand in the world but it requires some education and experience and appreciate high-end timepieces.

Circus @ Pavilion KL which has just opened during the final quarter last year.
At the event, it was an honor to meet Mr. Soemantri Kusumadi, Executive Director of Red Army Watches and also Ms. Julianna Chai, Managing Director of Red Army Watches also shares her knowledge on timepieces and why she picked up this line of career. Before I proceed with some of the agenda of the event, let's take a look at some of the luxury timepiece which the bloggers had a chance to put our hands on them.

Schaumburgwatch Gnomonik GT ONE
The Gnomonik GT ONE is the ultimate watch, even if the model has got only one hand to indicate the time. Sometimes less is more.The Gnomonik GT ONE is based on the vintage model of the sundial: Just one line is enough to indicate the time. And as we do not live in the Stone Age, a modern date display substitutes the tally sheet of the cave dweller. So the new watch owner can enjoy the gorgeous racing-design of the brand-new one-hand-watch and show off the reduction to the essential functioning.
RRP: RM4,638.00

La Neuveville Limited Edition by RSW
This timepiece by RSW, La Neuveville the medieval city of Lake Biel, is celebrating its 700 anniversary in 2012. Located in the watch region par excellence, La Neuveville is also the home and DNA of the brand RSW. With his new creation, RSW wanted to mark this important anniversary by giving it its name. 

"La Neuveville" with its simple and elegant vintage case perfectly illustrates the spirit of this historical town and allows RSW to add his own stone to the mosaic of famous watches in the region. «La Neuveville» is available in two versions: one version with 3 hands and date beating at the rhythm of a quartz movement and an automatic version with 2 hands and date with like the majority of mechanical watches produced by RSW, the now famous patented crank crown clasp. Simply gorgeous!
RRP: RM4,970.00

The Baikal Moonphase by Poljot
The “Baikal” is the most beautiful and also the deepest lake of the world (1637 m) and holds one fifth of all fresh water resources of the planet. 300 Siberian rivers flow into this lake! Its age is estimated about 30 million years. Its fantastic flora and fauna have no equal anywhere in the world. The lake is particularly attractive for tourists and photographs in the winter time. The glassy, iridescent surface and the gleaming light-blue snow are ravishing in their incredibly beauty. The lake “Baikal” is part of the “world heritage of nature” of the UNESCO.

The clear, undulating lines on the enlarged, wide dial attract attention like a magnet. The grandeur and beauty of the “Siberian sea” are captured in the timeless design of the watch. Looking through the sapphire glass, you can enjoy the perfection of the gold plated and refined movement with “Geneva Stripes”. The model with moon-phase indication is available in classical and unusual dial colours such as “sand” or “cherry”. This popular line is offered with stainless steel cases, gold-plated cases or gold cases (d = 43 mm). RRP: RM4,124.00

Zeppelin 7608-1S 100 Years
This maybe the nicest watch series from Zeppelin ever. Movement Cal. 3133, mechanic, hand-wound, 23 jewels, chronograph, crystal exhibition back, Sapphire Crystal, white dial with black digits / markers
stainless steel case, polished, special hand-finished case with the typical Zeppelin shape on the edge of the case, diameter: 42 mm, Height: 13 mm, weight: 90 g and waterresistant up to 5 atm.

RRP: RM3,073.00

Bauhaus Junkers 6070-5
Hugo Junkers was not only a brilliant engineer, but also a great admirer of expressionist painting and modern design.Consequently he developed a close and very fertile connection with the artists of the auhaus movement, which was originated in Dessau. Faithful to the motto of Marcel Breuer: " The good artist works together with the good engineer", Hugo Junkers took over the high aesthetic claims of the Bauhaus movement for the creation of his aeroplanes. This timepiece comes with a nifty movement Ronda 515, quartz-controlled, Swiss technology. RRP: RM1,070.00

Sturmanskie Gagarin 50th Anniversary Chronograph Special Edition
If the OMEGA Speedmaster Professional chronograph is the first watch to be on the moon which Buzz Aldrin was wearing when he stepped onto the lunar surface in July of 1969, so that makes Sturmanskie as the first watch forayed in space wore by a cosmonaut named Yuri Gagarin. The Sturmanskie Gagarin 50th Anniversary Chronograph Special Edition is launched in late 2011 with a recommended retail price of RM3,964.00. I had my eyes on this timepiece through out the whole gathering as I really like its youthful design, colour and also the sentiment of commemorating the historic spaceflight event. 

After snapping some photos of the timepiece, it was time for us to dine. Some the bloggers who've been to Circus highly rated the taste and quality of the food served there.

As starter, we had buns and breadsticks with butter.

For appetizer, Ryan from www.duckalot.com decided to order the caesar salad. It was pretty good especially with the soft boil egg.

For my appetizer, I ordered this yummy looking nachos with cheese sauce! A dish that you must not missed if you are having a cocktail or an icy cold beer.

Ryan ordered this delicious lamb shank and according to him, it was nicely cooked and tender.

I ordered this sirloin New York beef steak. It was ok but I can have a better one somewhere else.

The steak comes with mac and cheese as side dish. It wasn't too cheesy but it has a unique taste which is quite different from the usual mac and cheese which I normally have. Not bad! :)

I ordered Flirty Cocktail (RM30), not too heavy but good enough for my taste bud.

Last but not least, I ordered this sorbet with strawberry and creme brulee.

Mr. Soemantri Kusumadi, Executive Director of Red Army Watches also share some of the watch care tips to us on how to maintain and clean the watch properly. Below are some of the info:-

To maintain your timepiece's appearance, it should be cleaned regularly. This can be done by wiping your timepiece completely with a soft dry cloth regularly to remove dirt from the case, mineral, band and attaching areas. When storing timepieces together, they should be kept slightly apart from each other. This is to ensure that they do not rub against each other which can cause scratches and hasten signs of wear.

Gemstones on watches  
Gemstones add beauty and value to a watch. To prevent them from losing their luster and color, avoid exposure to elements such as perfume, soap, cosmetics, hairsprays and acids. Tap water is best for cleaning gemstones.

Lucky draw picked by Ms. Julianna Chai.
Before we adjourned the gathering, Xavier Mah told us that there was a lucky draw for the bloggers who's there that evening and I never had thought the lucky one would be.....

ME! Received the lucky draw gift from Mr. Soemantri Kusumadi. Thank you very much!

Above is the picture of the gift which I won in the lucky draw. A leather watch case with six compartments. Now I have a greater will to collect more watches to fill up this beautiful case.

So for those who are interested to purchase the timepiece which I have shown you in my blogpost, you can visit the Red Army Watches store at the location below:-

1. Tropicana City Mall #L1-07 T: 603-7710 0218
2. Pavilion KL #P4.04.00 T: 603-2145 0218
3. One Utama #G136 T: 603-7722 1336

For more info, check out...
Red Army Watches Official Website: http://www.redarmywatches.com

.: Peace Out :.