Papermoon (Movie Review)

Opening at the cinema nationwide today 17th Jan 2013 is this movie, "Papermoon" directed by a Hong Kong director Stanley Law Tak Ming who's also the producer for our local movie, Ice Kacang Puppy Love back in 2010. Thanks to Double Vision Picture, I was invited to the media screening and press conference with the actors and director.

Papermoon is starred by the famous Hong Kong actor Gordon Lam Ka Tung, China born Chrissie Chau Sau Na and our very local young actor Tedd Chan and singer Rynn Lim. The shoot took place in Kelantan and emphasize on some of our local culture especially the traditional kite, Wau Bulan.

Gordon Lam attempt to start making the Wau Bulan to fly.


The story of “PAPERMOON” is inspired by the highly rated, 5 times Golden Awards winner TV drama – ‘The Iron Lady’. It is a spin-off from the story of a lady who dedicates her whole life to run the family business with an iron fist. It tells the story of a poor kite maker, Chen Tian Song, who falls in love with Gao Shi Qin, the daughter of a wealthy family who is about to inherit the business. Their innocent love eventually evolves into an infinite regret and a poignant love story. The kite represents longing. Suppressing the feelings of guilt, Tian Song expresses his longing for Shi Qin through the making of kites, until he meets Gao Man Hua.

In search of Gao Shi Qin’s first love, Gao Man Hua travels all the way to Kelantan to learn about the man who has wounded her mother. The appearance of Gao Man Hua evoked apprehension in the quiet and reserved Chen Tian Song, bringing back yesterday’s memories. Chen Tian Song is uneasy about Man Hua’s constant clinging, but at the same time, he finds himself attracted to her because she carries an uncanny resemblance to Gao Shi Qin.  What consequence would Chen Tian Song’s encounter with Gao Man Hua bring? Why is Gao Man Hua so desperate to search for Tian Song? Will Tian Song fall in love with Gao Man Hua, as if God has given him a chance to fall in love all over again?

Chrissie Chau Sau Na (Gao Man Hua) at the waterfall scene.
Rynn Lim with his Wau Bulan mentor, Gordon Lam.
Gordon Lam with Chrissie Chau who acted as the daughter of his girlfriend and also the young girlfriend itself.
Tedd Chan with Chrissie Chau.
After the movie, they proceed with the press conference. Some of the photos taken below during the press conference.

Director, Stanley Law Tak Ming.
One of my favorite HK actor, Gordon Lam.
Chrissie Chan, one of the top pseudo-model in Hong Kong.
Our very local talented actor, Tedd Chan.

If you are wondering how the movie is like, check out the trailer below:-

My conclusion: If you have watched our local Chinese movie "Ice Kacang Puppy Love" and love that movie, this is something for you. Papermoon gave me the same feeling when I first watch Ice Kacang Puppy Love. The same kind of romance storyline but this time with a bit of a twist due to an incident which started this movie. Some of the transition between one plot to another wasn't really smooth especially when the young Tian Song attempt in courting young Sin Qin. There's a few sex and kissing scene in this movie and it was poorly cut, noted that the song playing at the background was being disrupted. I had trouble understanding what Gordon Lam (Chen Tian Song) trying to say in this movie that I had to look at the subtitle to understand it.

My rating: 2/5

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