Looking for Home Tuition or Private Tutor?

I still remember back then when I was still a student in Polytechnic Kota Kinabalu, I used to teach tuition to secondary students just to pay off my daily expenses especially paying for petrol to travel back and forth from my house to college. To summarize the whole teaching experience, it was fun but sometimes frustrating when dealing with naughty students who just didn't care about learning and spend most of their time at tuition playing with their handphones or chit-chatting with their friends.

At first, it wasn't easy to get students but thanks to my sister who had already have a wide contact of parents and a few years experience of teaching tuition, she managed to bring a group of students for me to teach. Thank God for that but what about for those who didn't have this kind of relationship or contacts? Well, I think it will be pretty tough but what if I tell you that there's a way where you can find a tutoring job through out the entire nation? The answer is simple, continue reading after the break...

hometuitionjob.com is a website where users can find tutor or tutoring job in all the locations listed. It's actually pretty simple, users just need to register and log in to view all the information provided from other user no matter if they are searching for a tutor or offering a tutor job for any interested parties. Not that the education at school isn't sufficient for our children but sometimes when the class has too many students, teacher would not have enough time to explain everything for all the students to understand his or her teaching. Am I right? So it's quite important for them to take up tuition classes so that they can get to ask their tutor any of the subjects which they are not clear about and the best of course it would be learning from a private tutor.

For parents, you can easily find tutor for any preferred subject such as Mathematics, English, Bahasa Malaysia, Accounts or even A-level Chemistry for your children. Also, if you only wish to find for a tutor or a tutoring job in a certain state, you can just click on the listed location at the bottom of the website. For example, Petaling Jaya, Penang, Johor Bahru and so on...

Recently, they have also expanded to India and Singapore, so for those Singapore or India folks, do check out hometuitionjob.in and hometuitionjob.sg. So if you are interested to find a tutor for yourself or even for your children and have no idea where or how to get in contact with them, just log on to the website www.hometuitionjob.com. Those who want to earn some pocket money from teaching or wanted to do it for full time, you can slowly start off by posting your services in the website as well.

Last but not least, congratulations to all the SPM students who received their results recently. For those who expected to get a good result but didn't turn up well, cheer up... there's always another route for success ahead. All the best!!!

.: Peace Out :.