Spaghetti Grill at Paradigm Mall

Last month, my friend Ashley Mah has left to Wellington, New Zealand to further her study. On a Saturday which was two days before her flight, we had lunch together along with my girlfriend. Cut the story short, we had our lunch at Spaghetti Grill in Paradigm Mall. It was our first time dining there and weren't very sure if it's good or not.

Spaghetti Grill at Paradigm Mall
On the same day, there was the TuneTalk MIMMAFC Tryouts at the Paradigm Mall but I wasn't excited at all after seeing the amateurs rumbling around with thick gloves and pretty boy faces.

We arrived at Spaghetti Grill and didn't notice this promotion. I think this promotion is quite worth for 2 pax since they will give you a pair of GSC movie tickets that cost 10 bucks each.

I didn't manage to snap the interior of the restaurant since I had only brought my 35mm lens along and too hungry to move further away just to snap an overview of the restaurant but I did snap pictures of the food we ordered-lah.

The pretty ladies!!!

Our first dish to arrive was the Seafood Pasta that cost around RM26+
Seafood was good but I feel that it's too dry and quite tasteless.

Next was the Beef Bolognese Spaghetti that cost about RM20+
Taste okay just like any other bolognese spaghetti out there but I've taste better ones.

Then comes the Ham and Cheese pizza. I can't remember how much this cost but this was the best among all the dishes I had. It's cheesy and soft, I don't like my pizza to be hard when I bite it. The last one was the onion ring which took them quite a long time to serve us but at least they have good customer service.

This onion ring is good too but must eat it while it's still warm or else it will be very hard to chew later on.

Ashley posing with her beef bolognese spaghetti.

Le girlfriend with her seafood spaghetti.

Curi from Ashley's instagram.
Our last photo with Ashley. Hope she's doing well and able to cope with her study in NZ.
Gonna miss u a bunch here! :)

Click on the above image to view larger size of the current promotion which I got from their Facebook page. I've also attached a map below just in case you don't know how to get to Spaghetti Grill in Paradigm Mall.

Spaghetti Grill @ Paradigm Mall
UG 15, Upper G, 
F.Paradigm Mall, 1
 Jalan SS7/26 A ,Kelana Jaya , 
47301 Selangor, 

Website: None (something that they can improve)

.: Peace Out :.


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