Adobe Creative Cloud Introduction Workshop at Canvas, Damansara Perdana

I've been using Adobe Photoshop back in the year 2001 when it was still at version 6.0. Soon after that, I've switched to Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and actively been designing a few things mostly my own desktop wallpaper, cd label and edit photos to be uploaded into my Friendster account. Those were the days and I still remember that I always asked my secondary school mate to teach me how to use Adobe Photoshop and almost get to learn about Adobe After Effect but unfortunately he and his family has left the town after our SPM year. Entering college, I had entirely stopped using Adobe Photoshop and only be able to start using it when I started my so called 'blogging career' in the year 2008 thanks to Nathalie a.k.a Nath De SingingCoconut. From version 7.0, I jumped straight to CS3 then CS4 and now I'm currently using Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS5 and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4. I have yet to try CS6 but after you have finish reading my blog post, I'm sure not only myself but including you would try it out.

Adobe© Creative Cloud™
Adobe Systems Incorporated announced Adobe© Creative Cloud™, giving Malaysian creatives their first chance to experience a radical new way of accessing Adobe’s iconic tools and services. Adobe Creative Cloud is a membership-based service that provides users with unlimited access to download and install all Creative Suite desktop applications, plus other applications including Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Muse, Adobe Edge tools & services; game developer tools and integration with the Photoshop Touch apps**.  I was given a chance to attend the introduction workshop held at Canvas, Damansara Perdana conducted by Paul Burnett,  Evangelist for Adobe’s Developer Solutions and Platforms.

Creative Cloud for teams makes it easier for workgroups to create and collaborate on creative projects. Plus, business owners automatically enjoy upgrades and new features as soon as they are available. The release cycle waiting game have been eliminated for customers, who want to keep on the crest of new tools and techniques. Adobe’s new Creative Cloud for teams offering means it has never been easier for small to medium businesses to access our products and enjoy all the benefits of working with Adobe tools and services.

The introduction to Adobe Creative Cloud was done by Paul Burnett.

Paul Burnett is an Evangelist for Adobe’s Developer Solutions and Platforms, working across Asia Pacific. His role sees him travelling extensively to work with the ever-growing community of application developers across countries including India, China, Thailand and Australia. He's a really proactive, friendly and a very energetic speaker that evening.

“Seeing what talented people are able to create with Adobe’s platforms and solutions constantly amazes me,” says Paul. “I’m continuously inspired by the people I meet and talk with in this role. With the explosion in mobile internet access and the growth in rich internet applications and digital content, we’re entering a renaissance era, and it’s going to be especially interesting to see how Asia Pacific businesses, developers and content creators respond to this opportunity.”

Before joining Adobe, Paul worked in the web, multimedia and video industries for more than 18 years running his own company, MAD (Multimedia Art Design). He is a multiple award winner in his field, including five Macromedia/ Adobe Site of the Day awards. Paul also worked for several years at Macromedia as Senior Evangelist for Asia Pacific, presenting product launches, seminars and master classes throughout Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

You can follow Paul’s adventures in APAC on his blog at

Along with desktop tools, online services for publishing and file sharing, and upgrades and feature updates as soon as they are released, Adobe Creative Cloud for teams also includes easy management of virtual workgroups, 100GB of cloud storage per user (versus 20GB for the individual Creative Cloud offering), expert support services, centralised administration for the quick and easy deployment of new seats, and centralised billing and efficient license management. 

Below are some of the demonstrations of what are the new features packed in the Adobe CS6 exclusively for Adobe© Creative Cloud™

DEMO-1: Feature such as iris blur on image can be undo by reverting it through smart object. Smart filter can go back and re-edit them. Conditional action according to the feature of the photos. Cropping with the same photo ratio or customization (W x H x resolution) - which is a real time saver!

We can now copy CSS from an image in photoshop. Load color swatches from CSS file from the web on the required colour. Optimizing the HiDPI for hd retina display and pleasant / compatible for those normal display.

DEMO-2: Adobe Muse only available through creative cloud for designers just like indesign
Create and design a website and convert them easily to be compatible on mobile phone and tablet
You can also preview them according to phone S3, iPhone 4, Nokia Lumia 900 etc.

DEMO-3: Adobe Edge Animate, animate using HTML & CSS. Convert an image into symbol and animate it inside the symbol.

DEMO-4: Adobe Edge Inspect. To inspect any gadget for any designated iPad for convenience.

I find that this current version of CS6 is a very niche software not only for designers / illustrators but also for web designers / web developer to enhance their creativity into a website via HTML5. 

Check out the Creative Cloud users speak out video below to listen to their experience with Adobe© Creative Cloud™:-

Adobe Creative Cloud for teams is available at approximately US$840^ per user for a one-year plan. That is really a lot cheaper even than buying the physical Creative Suite alone with one year license. Existing Creative Suite 3 and later customers who have previously purchased Creative Suite software through a volume licensing program may be eligible to buy at the special price of US$600^ per user for a one-year plan. Team memberships are sold via Adobe’s network of worldwide resellers.

For small and medium company who is looking for a cheaper alternative of purchasing software and might want to try new software, you should really go for this Adobe© Creative Cloud™

For more information about Adobe Creative Cloud for teams, visit

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