Photos from International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2013

Last week it was the 5th International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta held at Putrajaya. There was a lot of people who actually went there on weekdays to avoid the crowd but I only managed to go there on the Saturday morning. We woke up at about 6am and reached there around 7.15am but the people has already started filling up the place where the hot air balloon is taking off.

This was my second time coming to this event and both time were in the morning. Maybe next year I might be going in the evening but I heard the traffic was quite bad but I feel that it's good to witness the cold air deflate of the hot air balloon and also there's firework showcase at 9pm. Anyway, take a look at the photos I took at the fiesta. There won't be caption on it but for those who didn't get to go, I'm sure you will be really curious about it.

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