Spotify in Malaysia

Spotify finally brought free, unlimited music streaming to Singapore, Hong Kong and now in Malaysia.
Many of you who have followed me in Twitter (@CleverMunkey) must have known that I had downloaded the Spotify apps in my iPad Mini for almost 2 days ago and I'm still on their trial as I am writing this blog post at this very moment. Here's a quick review from what I've experienced so far.

Spot my Spotify apps :P
 After so many years of forcing Malaysians to go through a VPN just to access this service, Spotify is officially available in Malaysia. The leading music streaming service from Sweden now opens its 20 million track database to Malaysians for absolutely nothing. Spotify’s free service allows you to stream just about any song in the world for absolutely nothing, inserting an audio ad every few songs or so to keep things even. Just so your friends know what you’re listening to, Spotify plays very well with Twitter and Facebook as well as its own social network of sorts which they really did on my own social media platforms.

What's new? Majority mainstream and dubstream music. LOL
After completing my download via App Store, there's option to login via email or Facebook account and so I chose to register with my Facebook account which automatically connect me to my friends who also have Spotify registered under their Facebook account.

In inbox, we can share our favorite track with our friends through Facebook by pressing the share button. This is also where we can browse through the tracks that our friends shared with us. Basically this is the most useless feature in Spotify.

There's a radio tab where we can stream music by genre stations. Once we press on any of the genre, it will randomly play song from the genre we chosen. It's quite good cause we can listen to some of the music that we never heard before. As for now I'm quite hooked up with Alternative genre.

Whenever I found a track that I like, I'll favorite them by pressing on the star icon. Alongside there's the plus icon to add them into our playlist, share icon, not sure what the next to it does and lastly the radio streaming feature.

Starred tracks will go into our playlist which can be customized and we can choose to download the tracks in our playlist to be listen when it's offline. The songs in the playlist is also sync to our desktop version of Spotify and we can also download all the tracks just like what we can do on our mobile devices.

Friends, some of the friend that I never expect would use this music streaming service except for Ben Jern since he's one of the host for Techduology.

So if you like to stream your favorite songs and don't want to risk getting viruses for your computer when downloading ripped songs online, you can try to get the FREE account for your PC with the slightly annoying ads or you can get the premium account at which is the their cheapest rate only for Malaysia. With the premium account, you get no ads, the ability to download your tracks to a mobile app so you can listen to songs on the go as well as enhanced sound quality. The Spotify app is available on iOS, Blackberry and Android as well as the desktop version.

After signing up for their 48-hour free trial, I can still use Spotify Premium for another 30 days.

So what are my conclusions for Spotify? 
Not comparing it with the desktop version, Spotify is one of the simplest music streaming app I've ever downloaded packed with some really good features and a few useless ones. Streaming quality is quite good with my Unifi connection but sometimes it pauses for a while when I do track searching and downloading the tracks at the same time but I heard some of the users complaint that it will disconnect randomly.

Would I pay for Spotify Premium after the trial ends?
Maybe not, unless they can add more tracks that I want into their so claimed 20 million track database. Even some of the basic tracks from Jason Mraz or Bruno Mars can't be found in Spotify, evenless if I can find any of the tracks that I want from Deftones or Staind.

Well, it's still the much affordable option to piracy. So if you are interested, just go ahead and try out their free trial by downloading it at Do check out some of the available songs there before you register for a premium account.

.: Peace Out :.