Burgertory @ SS15, Subang Jaya [Non-Halal]

Hey guys, it's really been a while since I last blogged about food. I think the last one was back in early April which I wrote about Baker Dave. I had try to write about food once a week but seems like every single time when the food arrived on the table, it will be consumed speedily before I even get a chance to snap a picture of it. Anyway, last month I went over to Burgertory at SS15 for a food review thanks to Foodirector. It's actually not hard to find the place although it's on the first floor, it's located right above Guardian which one row before Maybank.

At the ground floor we saw its little sign board and also bunting at the column right infront of the staircase and their opening hours are Tuesday to Sunday, 6pm-11pm. So it's closed on Monday and if you can only visit them for dinner or supper. The Non-Halal sign was also shown, that's mean they are serving pork burgers, which happens to be one of my favorite pork dish after Bak Kut Teh and Pork Rice.

Upon entering the premises, I saw photos of how they DIY the entire place on their own. From the ceiling, wiring, painting, plumbing, lighting, wall, painting etc which takes them about 4 months to complete.

We are required to go to the cashier counter to order our food.

There's a gigantic menu framed on the right side of the wall. As you can see, there's pork, beef and vege burger listed in the menu. So for those who want to eat chicken burger, you can leave the premis and head on to KFC or McDonald.

Just like some of the fast food chain available in Malaysia, Burgertory offers free flow of purchased soft drink.

William, who is one of the owner of Burgertory explained to us about the concept of the shop which is 
majorly DIY-ed on their own & why they decided to open a burger shop.

Burgertory which has just been opened since March this year has attracted quite a big amount of burger lovers especially their 100% Premium Pork Burgers as they claimed that they are offering one of the top quality of premium pork.

They made and customized the chairs and tables that you can see on the photo above. He also did mention about the open concept kitchen at Burgertory which is transparent to the customers to see they handle the food and prioritizing the importance of cleanliness.

William also added that their burger buns, patties and the sauce is homemade. Most of the time, the patties and bun will be sold out at the end of the day. They only use sea salt, which is the kind of salt produced from the evaporation of seawater and also they use real mayonnaise, not the commercialized Lady's Choice mayonnaise that have been processed with added flavor. Enough with the introduction, now let's talk about their burgers .

Shrooming Bull (RM15.50 - ala carte)

Firstly, let's take a look at the beef burger. The Shrooming Bull burger above filled with Cheddar mild cheese, button mushrooms and 100% grass fed beef. As you can see in the image above, it's actually the Burgertory Fry Combo set that comes with fries, onion rings, Mozzarella cheese stick and their refillable soft drink for an additional of RM9.00.

Beef Cheese Fondue (RM18.50 - ala carte)

This Cheese fondue comes with 100% grass-fed beef patty. The beef patty was quite tender, not as juicy as some of the good ones I had before but it tasted really really cheesy for me. If you're a cheese lover, this is one thing in the menu that you must order.

The Pioneer (RM17.00 - ala carte)
For the pork burger, first up is The Pioneer with Cheddar mild cheese, sliced cabbage, Tobiko (flying fish roe), crab meat, Pimento sauce and of course the 100% premium pork. This was actually quite unique to me, I'd never actually tried a pork burger combined with crab meat and flying fish roe. Interestingly, it's pretty good.

 Mascarpone Curry & Cheese (RM15.00 - ala carte)
This Mascarpone Curry and Cheese burger comes with mild Cheddar cheese, fried egg, onion rings, mascarpone curry sauce & 100% premium pork. The curry sauce is not like those normal curry we used to have but it taste more like Japanese curry type that we can order in Japanese restaurant.

Burgertory Hot Smoke (RM15.00 - ala carte)

Homemade BBQ sauce & Montery Jack cheese with 100% grass-fed beef. The burger is wrapped in a paper bag where you can experience the steam coming out from the bag upon opening it.

Swine Bacon & Cheese (RM16.00 - ala carte)
One of my favorite, the Swine Bacon and Cheese burger. Comes with mild Cheddar cheese, pork bacon & 100% premium pork. The pork is nicely seasoned and it's juicy. You wouldn't order this if you doesn't have the love for bacon and one thing for sure, you won't regret ordering this tasty burger!

 Bacon & Cheese Plus+ (RM24.00 - ala carte
Ingredients are same as the Swine Bacon and Cheese burger but you get to have double pork patty and more cheese! If you just came out from a jungle, this will satisfy your pork craving and if you just want a normal dinner... then you better skip this as this might be too filling for some people.

Burgertory Treasure (RM13.00 - ala carte)
One of the highlights that evening, the Burgertory Treasure. Comes with mild Cheddar cheese & crispy pork lard with 100% premium pork... yes you read it right, it's crispy pork lard!!! All I can say is after having this, you probably might want to think of starting your exercise routine again the next day. It's simply delicious but at the same time satisfying.

A photo of the bloggers who attended the food review.
My conclusion: If you crave some really good premium pork burger, Burgertory is the place to go. I like their pork patties but I do hope that they can improve on their buns in near future.

No. 8A, 1st Floor, Jalan SS15/4D, Subang Jaya
47500 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Opening hours: 6.00pm-11.00pm (Tues-Sun)
Phone: 03-5611 9991
Email: burgertory@hotmail.com

.: Peace Out :.