World’s Thinnest 2.5-inch Solid State Hybrid Drives from WD & SanDisk

Hi guys, just to let you guys know WD and SanDisk had team up in creating an innovative Solid State Hybrid Drives which is the thinnest (only 2.5 inches) using SanDisk's Fast Flash Memory technology.

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SanDisk as we all know is one of the top selling brand of flash memory cards for imaging, computing, mobile, and gaming devices and WD in the other hand is a long-time leader in hard drive technology designs and manufactures the #1 selling internal and external hard drives. So imagine two of the best Brands which is top in their own category come together to create a Solid State Hybrid Drives (SSHD). I am thinking this as a game changer for all the internal and external hard drive in the current market. We will see more of this faster, smaller and compact sized hard drive in the future market.

     WD Black SSHDs use WD hybrid technology that blends responsive, intelligent flash memory technology from SanDisk with high capacity hard drives from WD. This powerful combination greatly improves the PC user experience, enabling both high capacity and a higher level of performance than traditional hard disk drives, including increased speed, instant-on and faster application launching. 

     With device volume being a key concern for PC manufacturers who want to design slimmer devices, the WD Black SSHDs are designed to accommodate integration into the market’s thinnest notebooks. The WD Black 5mm SSHD offers 500GB of capacity, while utilizing almost 50 percent less volume than current standard notebook hard drives (which are approximately 9.5mm). The low-profile of the solid state hybrid drive is complemented by the extremely small form factor of the SanDisk iSSD, which is built on 19 nanometer (nm) process technology, the world's smallest and most advanced semiconductor manufacturing process. The WD Black 5mm SSHDs are shipping to OEMs. WD is also currently shipping to OEMs ultra-slim, 7mm and 9.5mm SSHDs for portable devices. 

It has already been showcased in many oversea countries and recently at the Computex Taipei 2013.
Hopefully it will reach Malaysia soon.

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