Malaysian Invasion Mixed Martial Arts (MIMMA) Grand Finals

Last month, I was given a privilege to witness the semi finals of Malaysian Invasion Mixed Martial Arts (MIMMA) at Paradigm Mall. Thanks to TuneTalk, Malaysia has came a long way in bringing up the popularity of this sport in our country. Some of the matches during the semi finals were pretty intense showing some fighters with experience, great skills and techniques.

MIMMA has announced seven MIMMA championship bouts for their Grand Finals with additional three anticipating Superfights bouts from One Fighting Championship (ONE FC) fighters Ariel Sexton, Aditya Deshpande, Tanaphong Khunhankaew, Edward Kelly and our very own Malaysian fighters Peter “The Pistol” Davis and Saiful “The Vampire” Merican. The grand finals will take place live at the Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur on the 15 June 2013.

Semi finals of MIMMA which took place at Paradigm Mall.
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fans can look forward to our very own Malaysian fighters Peter Davis and Saiful Merican who will be representing us against international fighters Ariel Sexton (7 wins 2 losses) from Costa Rica and Aditya Deshpande (3 wins 0 loss) from India. These fights will definitely get everybody off their seats!

However, the highlight of the night is none other than witnessing the 14 amateur MIMMA fighters from the semi-finals round taking it to the Grand final cage in their quest to be crowned as the first MIMMA Champion for their own fight weights. This is truly the night for them after months of intense and dedicated training.

Having recognised as a fighter who leaves it all in the cage, Muhd Aiman the “Underdog Hero” will no doubt be looking to entertain the crowd with a decisive victory in the early rounds in the Bantamweight category. His opponent, Prabu “Superman” Samainudin who has also established a reputation as being one of the toughest and most durable fighters will surely give Muhd Aiman an equal competition with some of his lighting-like strikes, leg works and amazing game plan.

For the Lightweight division, Architect-fighter Allen Solomon who is known as the hyper and energetic fighter will certainly try to take down his opponent with his famous Ninja Assassin maneuver. He is sure to please the crowd with a nail biting fight against Shammah Chandran, who is recognised for his fierce entrance and performance during the semi-finals.

Known for his astonishing fight from the semi-finals where he won via submission in the first round, KeanuSubba will go against Muhd Ikram “The Maxout” who has expertise in Wuji and Muaythai in the Featherweight Division.

Adrian Tham may seem soft spoken and charismatic to some, but while in the MIMMA cage, he shows no mercy to his opponent. The “Tuckman” is to be sure to impress and treat the crowd to his overwhelming karate, taekwondo and BJJ techniques. Fighting against him for the title is Christopher Leow, a replacement of Mohd Narsaiful (who had to drop out of the competition due to an appendix burst). Leow who gave a notable fight at the semi-finals is no less a weak contest.

Welterweight division will have Chew Chee Chan or Big Sam entertains the crowd with his strength in mount positioning and take downs. Having won Silver in the recent Sukan Malaysia Games (SUKMA) in Judo, it will be interesting to see him go against Penangite Ooi Aik Tang who is famous for all his MIMMA victories which were decided in the first round via submission or TKO.

CEO of TuneTalk, Jason Lo with Khairy Jamaluddin, Malaysian Minister of Youth and Sports.
Hafiz Chandran and Jim Chong Jing Yi will face each other in the Middleweight division. Hafiz which specialises in Muaythai and BJJ is literally a 1Malaysia fighter with his heritage of Malay, Chinese and Indian. His opponent, Jim Chong Jin Yi who is of half-Korean heritage has previously amused the crowd with his Gangnam style entrance and later impressed them with astonishing quick moves in the cage. This fight is certainly more like the battle of the heritage.

Finally, in the Flyweight division, Ngeoh Jian Chong and Kenny Yap might be demonstrating some interesting take-downs and grappling moves with their similar background in BJJs. Who will end up at the top in this fight?

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