Project "Re-thinking Actions" by World Marketing Summit Malaysia 2013

A few weeks ago, I've attended the launch of Project Hope by WMSM2013 with 100 children from orphanages around Malaysia participated in the project. You can read about my blog post at the link here. After all the exciting activities that had happen during Project Hope and this time round there were 85 teenagers from orphanages including 23 of them who flew all the way from Miri, Sarawak.

The teenagers are aged between 13 to 17 years old kick started Project "Re-thinking Actions" by casting their votes on a national survey to select the company with the best MDG7 initiative which is to ensure environmental protection to our world.

Emcee welcoming the VIPs, members of the media and guest.

Welcoming remarks was done by the representative from Pusat Sains Negara, the sponsor of the venue for this project launch.

After the welcoming remarks, the 85 orphaned teenagers marched into the hall and seated accordingly.

Chairperson of WMS Malaysia 2013, Dr. Marceline Lemarie.
Dr. Marceline Lemarie mentioned earlier in her speech that Project Hope was really successful and she did made the head-counts for the children who have stayed at Pusat Latihan Kemas throughout Project Hope to be back to their respected homes. She said that Project "Re-thinking Actions" is targeted to put businesses' ideas to test with the help of the 'brand neutral' teenagers. I'm not sure how they managed to choose them, most probably they have not seen the McDonald's 'Prosperity Gives Back' ads on television or something like that.

One of the highlights of the event, local singer Zainal Abidin made an appearance. I did not expected him to be at the launch but which Malaysian artist can you invite that compose songs related to the environment? Definitely Zainal Abidin is the best of the best choice. WMS Malaysia 2013 did a really good job on this. I can't blame the teenagers not knowing who Zainal Abidin is since his music talent influence was only recognized through out the 90's.

The legend, Zainal Abidin started off his humbly speaking about his origin and how his childhood is like. He also mentioned that 'recycling' has long been done by the older generations before plastic bags were not being highly marketed. He continued his presentation further by singing the song 'Hijau' together with the orphaned teenagers. It was my first time watching Zainal Abidin sing live since all the previous experience was through television broadcast.

After finished singing, all the teenagers received some goodies from Zainal Abidin. How nice of him.

Representative from the Malaysia of Heritage Trust or Badan Warisan presenting to us about the important of preserving the heritage buildings from being demolished and forgotten with new building development. I am slightly relief that Malaysia has this type of organization because we all know Malaysia is championing in demolishing heritage building.

Next was the representative from Maybank Berhad who told us about the Maybank tiger conservation  program with collaboration with Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers (MYCAT) to save the Malayan Tiger. Population of the tigers are getting lesser and lesser every year due to the tiger hunting activity for their skin, claw and fang. Other than that, highway projects and building developments also causes tiger's habitat to be smaller and smaller each day.

For those who's aware about the tiger hunting activity done by someone near you, call the number above and the authority will definitely hunt down the hunters.

Representative from Tetra Pak, educated the teenagers that Tetra Pak is one of the lead manufacturer in providing processing and packaging solutions for food and beverages such as Marigold boxed drinks. The aseptic technology is developed to treat the products gently. We also were told that Tetra Pak packaging can be recycled after the food or beverages had been consumed. I actually been to the Tetra Pak factory in Singapore when I was working there for a year. It's quite big and they are really quite strict with the quality control of their products.

Medical check-up by Columbia Asia for the orphaned teenagers, similar to what the children in Project Hope experience.

Every teenagers will go through a health consultation done by profesional medical staff from Columbia Asia.

Nathalie the Singing Coconut with Zainal Abidin.

Zainal Abiding with some of the orphaned teenagers.

A group photo of the bloggers with Zainal Abidin and Manoah Consulting.

The haze surrounding Pusat Sains Negara as seen on 25th June 2013. I'm glad that it's getting a lot better now.
I really hope that this project will not only influence the orphaned teenagers but it will also influence every generation from young to old to be more concern about the environment. Stop open burning for a selfish reason, recycle things that can are recyclable, bring your own eco bags to the supermarkets not only on every Saturday and last but not least, always remember that our future generation will going to inherit our world when we're gone so we must take good care of our natural environment.

For more information about the project or World Marketing Summit Malaysia 2013, do visit their official website at or you can also check out their latest updates on their Facebook page at

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