SYSTEMA's Bloggers Brushing Day!

Last Saturday, I was invited to the SYSTEMA's Bloggers Brushing Day. The event took place at the Southern Lion Sdn. Bhd. marketing office at Bangunan BAKTI Siti Hasmah in Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

The event was held as  to promote awareness for Systema toothbrush product. We were told that we will be doing surveys by trying out some of the toothbrush products and that reminded us back in our primary school days where we used to squad along the 'longkang' (drain) to brush our teeth after the demonstration by the dentist who came over to our school.

Methods to clean our teeth in the olden days.
Methods to clean our teeth in the modern days.
I wonder who owns this set of tooth, barbarian king or big foot perhaps? XD
We were given a delightful brunch before we proceed to the washroom for some tooth brushing actions. By the way, it's always good to brush our teeth after every meal.

We collected 2 types of toothbrush, brand wasn't imprinted on it. One was the slim type and the other one was the curvy type.

Thankfully we didn't brush our teeth near the drain or else it would be too funny to be described here.
We tried both of the toothbrush, slim and curvy - I prefer the slim one the most because it's soft and the curvy one seems too big to be fitted in my mouth and the bristle was too hard for my sensitive gum.

Ms. Goh Cheng Looi, Senior Brand Manager of Systema started off her talk by asking us a question. If we are stranded in an island alone, what do we choose between the mouth wash, toothpaste or toothbrush. The best answer is the toothbrush as it is needed to clean deeply between our teeth and toothpaste will run out. As for the mouth wash, it's only best to be used right after brushing our teeth.

Majority of the bloggers prefer the slim type of the toothbrush rather than the curvy type as it is more comfortable when brushing but there's also a small number who prefer the curvy type mainly for its handle and design. Ms. Goh explained to us that the bristle of a toothbrush holds the most important role in cleaning our teeth effectively rather than the design of the handle or the head and she reveals the slim type toothbrush is actually the Systema 0.02mm ToothBrush. So why is Systema 0.02mm better than other toothbrush?

Here's why... the Systema 0.02mm Super Slim Bristles Tip is 1/20 the size of ordinary bristle tip. It can penetrates deeper along gum-lines and in between teeth where it's the hardest to reach. So it's 9 times cleaner along our gum-lines compared to other toothbrush. What about the 0.01mm bristles toothbrush which is also available in the market? It is being said by Ms. Goh that it is too fine and doesn't have the strength to actually clean the plaque in between our teeth.

The Full Head Systema 0.02mm Bristles Toothbrush.

Ms. Goh concluded that Systema is one of the best toothbrush brand in the market with the points above.

Currently, there's five (5) types of Systema 0.02mm Bristles Toothbrush selling in the market. All five types are differentiated by colour. My favorite is the Sensitive type since I have sensitive gum and it always bleed whenever I brush my teeth with non-soft bristle type toothbrush. Ms. Goh recommended the compact type the most as the smaller head toothbrush can actually do the cleaning more effectively but we will have to brush our teeth longer than usual.

Daniel from posing with all the Systema 0.02 Bristles Toothbrushes.
After learning all that from Ms. Goh, I now realized that the bristle of a toothbrush is the most important part in cleaning my teeth. I definitely will change my toothbrush to Systema 0.02mm.

Here's a good news for my readers, SYSTEMA is sponsoring a Facebook page called KEEP SMILING to giveaway free toothbrush to fans.
It's very simple, just answer some easy-peasy questions and you can get your free toothbrush at

I am ending this blog post with two (2) videos below that come in two versions (English and Malay) TVC for Systema 0.02mm Bristles Toothbrush:-

.: Peace Out :.