Despicable Me's Minion from McDonald's

[LATEST UPDATE: Now you have to purchase a Happy Meal to get the Minion toy]

Are you a fan of the Minion from Despicable Me? Here's a good news for you. McDonald's Malaysia is bringing these cute little Minion toys and collectibles for a limited time only.

Today is the first day where three Minion toys are being offered at the McDonald's outlet. Anyway, there's a total of 9 toys to be collected until the end of the month. Read the terms and condition after the jump break.

This morning I only managed to get two Minion toys from Kota Damansara outlet. The staff said that they only selling these two, while majority of my friends managed to get all three. You can either get one free from McDonald's Happy Meal or just pay RM3 for every toy.

Tim Giggling & Dave Gadget Grabber
Some of the photos of the Minion toys from my friend below.

Photo courtesy of Rane Chin (
Photo courtesy of Isaac Tan (

Yes I do agree that these Minions are cute but the quality and colour of these toys are pretty bad compared to the other toys that was offered by McDonald's before this (I had all 4 of the Transformer Prime series). They uses cheap plastic which is less durable and some parts of the toys are not properly painted. Although I will still want to collect all 9 of these but hopefully McDonald's will get a better toys supplier next time, at least with better quality. So will you get it? I would love to hear your comments, just write your comment down below.

For more info, visit their website at or check out the latest news and update on their Facebook page

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