Embark on a Legendary Voyage with Heineken‏

Hey guys, do you know that Heineken is embarking on a new global campaign called ‘Voyage’? It's a campaign to test what all of us are truly made of when taken out of our daily lives and forced to go beyond our boundaries. Their largest campaign for the year, Heineken is uncovering legendary travelers in its most daring social experiment by dropping men into the great unknown.

To unearth the legendary traveler hidden inside every man, Heineken is rewarding 15 Malaysians on a voyage to Las Vegas. Embark on a Legendary Voyage with Heineken. Are you ready to be dropped into the great unknown?

The world’s no.1 international premium beer brand is challenging Malaysians to be a traveler, not a tourist. The all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas will be an experience that features more than bright lights, illustrious parties and elaborate shows that are synonymous with Sin City – Heineken promises to take you on a voyage off the beaten path.

All you need to do is to make your way to any Heineken participating outlets and do the following:

Heineken ‘Legendary Traveler’ Contest

1. Purchase 2 buckets or 8 pints of Heineken to get an entry ticket at participating Heineken outlets.
2. Complete the entry ticket with your details and correct answer
3. Drop the entry ticket into the official entry box at participating Heineken outlets

“Legendary travels are not calculated, planned or premeditated. Millennial consumers are drawn to challenges and Heineken wants to go further than inspiring men to travel – we want to give them the opportunity to go beyond the borders of their comfort zone,” said Ms. Jessie Chuah, Marketing Manager of Heineken Malaysia

The Las Vegas experience is in line with the beer brand’s latest global campaign ‘Voyage’, the fifth installment of the Heineken ‘Legends’ campaign which aims to inspire its drinkers to push their boundaries and immerse themselves in an worldly experience unlike anything they’ve done before. 

“Voyage highlights Heineken’s flair to continuously deliver world class experiences and our latest campaign rewards 15 Malaysians to an unprecedented adventure to Las Vegas worth RM800,000,” Ms. Jessie added.

To uncover legendary explorers that display their true character, Heineken is running its most daring social experiment yet by testing what men are truly made of when they are taken out of their daily lives and dropped into the great unknown. 

The result is ‘Dropped’, a series of episodic adventures following fearless explorers plucked from across the world and literally dropped in the middle of nowhere with nothing but the most basic of supplies and direction, forcing themselves to discover their own limits and conquer their fears.

The series featuring four ‘Dropped’ voyages with three episodes, so far has seen sun-loving Spaniard Rikar in the freezing Alaskan tundra and subsequently Greek yoga instructor Stavros in the middle of the Cambodia jungle using every ounce of charm, vigor and wit to get themselves back home.

Watch the social experiment unfold as you follow how each traveler fares on their legendary adventures on the Heineken ‘Dropped’ YouTube channel www.youtube.com/heinekendropped.

The Heineken ‘Legendary Traveler’ contest runs from 1 – 31 July 2013, so get your passports ready for the ultimate legendary travel with Heineken. 

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