FREE 500 PortaWiFi Devices for Travelers this Raya from Celcom!

Earlier today when I was at the Batu Tiga Toll Plaza, I saw a few guys were at the plaza toll giving out something to the car owners who drove through the toll plaza.

Batu Tiga Toll Plaza
It was indeed a pleasant surprise to receive something at the place that we never expected it.

We received this flyer from them offering a FREE PortaWiFi device by Celcom. 
What a great Raya gift this makes!

With the PortaWiFim we can share WiFi access up to 5 devices, speeds up to 21Mbps and up to 10GB data.
 It says on the flyer that we received that Celcom is giving out 500 PortaWiFi devices, so be on the lookout when you drive up to pay your toll. Below are the name of the participating toll plaza:-

1) Sungai Besi Toll Plaza (25 Jul, 10am-12pm)
2) Batu 3 Toll Plaza (25 Jul, 10am-12pm)
3) Jalan Duta Toll Plaza (25 Jul, 10am-12pm)

To find out more about Celcom's promotion, click here.

.: Peace Out :.