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Hey guys, do you remember that a few months back I've written about the tuition website where you can look up for home tuition, private tutor or you can even earn some pocket money from teaching or wanted to do it for full time. If teaching is not your forte, there's other part time job that you can actually apply. For instance, you can find part time job at

Look at their mascot, a pinkish red coloured alien with a huge eye just like Mike from Monster Inc.
This website not only offers part time job but they do also have full time, internship and contract jobs just like other local job search website but made simpler. Although this site has just started not long and still in beta mode but there's already a few jobs listed

Part time jobs selling fast! Hahaha...
You can either find a part time job that is suitable for yourself or you can even post a part time hiring post into this website just like what the others have done.

This website is pretty simple to browse, when you click on the Jobs tab it will bring you to the above screen and you can search by location, for example find part time job kuala lumpur. There are other jobs available as well, such as programming jobs, designing jobs or even despatch jobs. 

What I like most about this website is that the convenient of login in with our personal Facebook page and we can actually find our friends who have used this site to search for job before. The downside is that there's not many jobs listed yet as this site has just launched not too long ago and it's still in beta mode so loading will take a while more than the usual.

So now you have plenty of alternative in searching for jobs. If you are looking for tutoring job, you can always refer to my earlier blog post here. By the way, they are also looking for tutors for home tuition teacher in Singapore"

Last but not least, here's a very interesting slides about Sweet Logic Sdn. Bhd. and the owner.

Till then, happy job hunting! :)

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