Dogit® Voyageur Pet Carrier

Most of you who have followed me on Instagram or have added me on Facebook might know that recently (in June) I have adopted a kitten named Glen. Glen is a male domestic breed and currently five months old. 

Glen, taken from le girlfriend's Instagram.
So today le girlfriend and I went over to Pets Wonderland at Paradigm Mall to get a pet carrier for him. We need to get a pet carrier for him so that it's easier to bring him to the vet for his vaccination jabs. Before that, we've already surveyed a few pet carrier which comes in different material such as fabric and hard plastic.

We decided to get the Dogit® Voyageur Pet Carrier.

We got this for RM58.90 from Pets Wonderland. It's the smallest size, not only it's one of the most affordable pet carrier that we can buy but it also comes with a lot of useful features that attracts us to get this. Its size 48.3 cm L x 32.6 cm W x 28 cm H / 19in x 12.8in x 11in.

Curious little kitten sniffing his new pet carrier.

Key Features:
 Optimal ventilation and air flow
 Top Petting Door
 Top Access Spring Locking Mechanism
 Easy Assembly Side Latch System
 Molded Waste Collection Gutter
 Treat compartment with food / water Bowl
 Meets airline regulations (with permanent screws / tie wraps)

My favorite feature, the food/water dish compartment.

You can place the food/water dish at the gate as seen as the picture above. Quite convenient right?

 This is the top petting door. At 5 months old, Glen's head can come out of it.
[UPDATE: He can escape from this carrier through this petting door!]

The Dogit® Voyageur is available in 4 different sizes (small, medium, large, x-large) and assorted colours such as cool/grey, pink/white, green/white and brown/white. The smallest one cost RM58.90, medium is RM89.90, not sure about large and x-large but it should be above RM100.

The top part of the pet carrier can be removed. Glen continue sniffing and curious about his new pet carrier. Assembly instructions as below:-

When the top part is removed, it's easier to clean the waste collection gutter. Since it's made out of plastic, I guess cleaning would be quite easy.

Optionally, you can get your own padlock to lock the carrier for extra safety or you can make the pet carrier top tighter with a few screws and nuts.

This is how you choose a carrier for your cat/dog:-

1. Choose a carrier based on your dog’s adult size.
2. Carrier should be high enough to allow your pet to stand up, and wide enough and long enough for adult-sized pet to lie down and turn around.

I don't think Glen is able to stand up nicely in the carrier but at least he can sit down, turn around and lay comfortably. Ventilation should not be a problem at all as you can see air holes are almost everywhere inside the carrier.

Most importantly, he's not even complaining. Some of you might say that this carrier is too small cause he's still growing but hey, we are just going to put him inside this carrier whenever he visits the vet.

The Dogit® Voyageur line of travel carriers is the ideal solution for your pet transportation needs. Durable, sturdy and safe, the Dogit® Voyageur pet carrier is ideal for transporting your pet by car, bus, train or even by air.

 I hope this blog post can help those new cat/dog owners in selecting their pet carrier. So what is your ideal pet carrier? Do let me know about it in the comment section below.

.: Peace Out :.


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