Last Summer (Thai) Movie Review

Hey guys. For some Chinese folks who believe this, the Hungry Ghost Festival is coming and there's a few horror movie to be released this month. One of them is Last Summer ("Ruedoo ron nan chan tai" -original title) a Thai horror movie. Thanks to, I get to watch this movie a day before its general release date in Malaysia.

Director: Kittithat Tangsirikit, Sittisiri Mongkolsiri, Saranyoo Jiralak
Starring: Jirayu La-ongmanee, Suthatta Udomsilp, Pimpakan Phraekhunnatham, 
Krit Sathapanapitakkij, Ekkawat Ekatchariya

"Last Summer" deals with the demise of a star high-school student. Her spirit haunts friends and family members who are guilty in their own ways for the girl's death. A group of youngsters are cutting loose for a weekend of partying. One kid, Singha, steals his dad's car and the keys to the family's beach house, and brings along his classmates, including his buddy Garn, budding actress and popular girl Joy and Joy's gal pal Meen. Beach frolicking and boozing at the house follow, but then Joy becomes drowsy and she's never the same again.

My previous Thai horror movie was earlier, 3AM which consist of 3 different stories in one movie. It was a pure disappointment and only did entertain me during the last story. This movie didn't even do any justice at all. From the beginning until the end, I was confused if the ghost of Joy was real or just that all the characters were actually hallucinating due to guilt and regret. It doesn't make sense at all that simple jealousy can eventually causes the ghost of Joy to disturb her best friend and family. Even if her best friend manage give her the inhaler, doesn't mean that she will survive. Her lover, Singh really do love her and it's a little too much to drug a person that loves you back as well just to take advantage of her.

Conclusion: The whole movie was so predictable that I think 3 person sticking their heads together to direct one movie is pointless. The whole cinema was scared not by the ghost but by the sound effects like noises coming out from the wall. If Shutter or Long Khong are movies that don't scare you at all, then probably you can skip this one.

Cut scene: Unnoticeable

After credits scene: Nil

Rating: 0.5 / 5

Classification: 18

Release Date in Malaysia: 15th Aug 2013

.: Peace Out :.