Village Sang Nyuk Noodle @ Pandan Jaya, KL

A few weeks back I discovered a friend of mine posted on Facebook about a Sang Nyuk Noodle shop in KL. I have always been craving for Sang Nyuk Mee ever since I moved to KL. Some of you who are not from Sabah might not be familiar with this noodle. It is almost as same as Mixed Pork Noodle, but in Sabah style. The meat slices are fresh, smoother and more tender. Sang Nyuk Mee literally means Raw Pork Noodle.

Village Sang Nyuk Noodle is a shop opened by a chap from Tuaran, Sabah. He claims that they have a shop in Tuaran and this KL branch was opened just a few months back.

The Menu
Besides the Sang Nyuk Noodle (dry or soup), they also offer side dishes such as Fried Fish Cake, Fried Wanton, Fish Ball Soup and UFO Soup. Prices for the noodle is only slightly more expensive since food in KK is quite costly compared to other places in Malaysia. Just imagine a bowl of Ngau Chap (beef noodles) can go up to RM9. That's like a price of a Big Mac meal in McDonald's!

Dry Sang Nyuk Noodle - Mee & Meehoon (RM6.50/Big)
Back in KK, I will always order mixture of mee and meehoon and here is not an exception as well. The noodles are mixed with their special dark sauce and garnished with scallion.

Dry Sang Nyuk Noodle - Mee & Ho Fun (RM6.00/Small)
From what I saw, the big and small portion of Sang Nyuk Mee doesn't really make a lot of difference. In KK, when you asked for big portion - well, let's just say it's really big and most women I know will not order that. The noodles here are totally different from the one I had in KK. Even the shop owner knows about this and it's just like those we normally had in any common noodle shop.

Here comes the best part of Sang Nyuk Noodle, the pork soup. Pork slices, meatballs, livers and internal organs are given in the soup. If you are not used to internal organ, you can opt for meat-only soup. The meat is seasoned with tapioca powder and meat tenderizer to make it smooth and soft. There's also pieces of deep fried pork lard floating on the surface of the soup that gives a delightful fragrance of the soup. My comment about this is that the soup taste was not rich enough and the slices of pork meat were too thin.

Fried Fish Cake (RM6.00)
One of the most regrettable order, the Fried Fish Cake. The fish cake is soft but I don't really get the feeling of fish taste in it and the colour too pale to be look appetizing to me.

The only thing that I can praise here is their chili. It's the Sabah Specialty Chili Sauce that is no stranger in Sabah. Its sourish and spiciness which is almost similar to the ones I had back then. You can purchase it for RM8 per bottle but we were unlucky that day cause the chili was out of stock.

If you ask me will be going back to this shop again for their Sang Nyuk Mee? I'll say no unless I stay nearby or pass by that shop. For now, I'll just satisfy my craving as much as possible in my next trip back to KK :)

Evelyn - Lunch date of the day, with her excited look before digging in the noodles.
Village Sang Yuk Noodle (KL Branch)
3G, Jalan Pandan 3/3,
Pandan Jaya 55100
Kuala Lumpur.

I know there's a lot of Sang Nyuk Mee shops opened lately in KK but my favorite shop is still Jia Siang in Lintas. What about you? What's your favorite Sang Nyuk Mee shop? Let me know your thoughts in my comment box down below.

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