ESCAPE into a World of Joy by Celcom

Hey guys, are you a Celcom user? If you are then I have a good news for you. Have you heard about ESCAPE? Some might have seen the advertisement in the newspaper, those LCD ads on the road or saw it on the Internet.

So for those who have not heard about this, what is ESCAPE all about?
ESCAPE is an application for your personal world of entertainment that you can take with you wherever you go. You can enjoy the best videos, movies, news, events and more, all in one place. By having this app, you can watch it all on your mobile phone, laptop, tablet and desktop, seamlessly from device to device.

Here's how it works. Firstly, you need to log in to and register an account. This is exclusively for Celcom users only so make sure you key in your Celcom mobile number in order to get register for an account.

After putting in your details, they will send a code to validate your mobile number. After validation, go to Google Play on your devices and search for 'ESCnow' and you will be able to locate the apps to download as seen below.

Just click on that Install button to download the app for FREE.

As you can, I have installed the app into my Android device. Just click on it to open the apps and the visual on the right will pop out on the screen. If you have registered for an account earlier just click Sign In or else just click on Start Here and follow the instructions from the beginning of this post.

After signing in, we will see a list of online movie library with a variety of Hollywood, Korean, Indonesian, Hindi and local movies. With this app, we can enjoy live events, live news, concerts and TV series on our mobile devices.

If we want to watch our favorite show, we need to get a pass to watch any of the movies for RM25.00 for 30 days. There is over 500 movies from only 80 sen per hour. We get to enjoy all sorts of movie genres (Action, thriller, comedy, drama, horror, romance), Concerts, Red Carpet Events and more.

Hi-resolution images are delivered via adaptive streaming technology for excellent video quality across devices. As you can see, Men in Black is one of my past favorite movie and it still a good show to watch even though this movie has already been 16 years old. We can watch it on our laptop, tablet or smartphone (compatible with iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows). What I like most about this app is the Pause & Play function, where I can pause the selected movie on one device and continue watching on another device as I want. There's where I will never miss my favourite show again.

So for those who are interested to use this app but have yet to get a Celcom mobile number, just head on to the nearest Celcom branches, Celcom Blue Cube or Celcom authorised dealers nationwide. The new Xpax24 starter pack is priced at RM8.50 with RM5 pre-loaded.

Register at now to ESCAPE. 
Available exclusively to Celcom subscribers nationwide.

.: Peace Out :.