For the Love of Beer - Oktoberfest 2013

I love October! Do you know why? Well for sure cause it's my birthday month and at the same time, we will be celebrating Oktoberfest! Hip hip hooray!!!

For the love of beer, can someone please bring me another pint of Heineken, Guinness or Tiger beer!

Well this coming October, Nuffnang will be giving out 6 pints of beer with at NNFoodFest. Isn't that awesome? So here are a few people that I would love to share these beer with.

First, no doubt my girlfriend Choulyin will be getting the first pint.

Followed by some of my close blogger friends... they might be too many to share the rest of the pints but I'm sure this sentence 'sharing is caring' helps :P

Well said Bane. The Dark Knight would agree with you too.
For more info about Oktoberfest celebration in Malaysia, check out the Facebook page at

.: Peace Out :.