Lobster Promotion @ Bali Hai Seafood Village, Kota Damansara

Hey guys, some of you might know that I am from Sabah and seafood is very popular from the place where I come from. No doubt that sometimes I will have slight demand on choosing a seafood place to go to in terms of the taste, portion and price. Anyway, there is a seafood place very near to the place I stay which is in Kota Damansara. This seafood place is called Bali Hai Seafood Village.

If you have been following my blog since August, you may have seen my Ramadan buffet review at this restaurant. It's not easy to find restaurant that offers fresh seafood nowadays especially in PJ area due to the constrain of their business space.

While waiting for the main courses, we were served with peanuts and pickles.

For the very first dish, we had the Australian Lobster and Canadian Geoduck Sashimi with Superior Soup Steamboat. Lobster flesh is commonly known to be eaten raw but what about geoduck? Not many know about the taste of raw geoduck which is a species of very large, edible, saltwater clam.

I've tasted both the lobster and geoduck raw and cooked in the Superior Soup Steamboat. For the lobster, the flesh is soft, fresh and sweat and as for the geoduck, it has a chewy texture in it but quite appetizing.

The head and the tail of the Canadian Lobster still have quite a generous amount of flesh in it to be cooked in the steamboat. The steamboat comes along with a plate of vege, mushroom and beancurd.

Second dish is the Stir-fried Vegetables. This plate of vege comes with lotus, french beans, celery, cashew nut, wild mushroom and chili. It's nicely fried without overcooking it and not too salty or oily as well.

We had a fish dish next, and it's called the Vietnam Style Mackerel. The sauce that comes with the dish gives a sourish and sweet taste onto the fish good to eat along with rice. The sauce which is placed on the saucer is just for photography purposes.

The sauce is covered on top of the fried mackerel was tasty but I'm not quite sure if I can taste the freshness of the fish.

After that, we had the Golden Garlic Steamed Freshwater Lobster each. What I like most about this dish is the generous amount of garlic they topped on these freshwater lobsters. It was one of my favorite dish that night. I recommend this to you to give it a try.

Right after the delicious freshwater lobsters, we had the Crispy Deep Fried Chicken with Thai Sauce. From what we heard from the chef, this dish is cooked just like how they did in Thailand. The vege and the shredded chicken meat was put at the side of the roasted chicken. I kind of like the roasted chicken with the sweet and sour thai sauce with a hint of orange but the side vege and meat were a little out of the way to scoop them one by one.

The Kam Heong Clams came after the chicken. The main ingredients that give the “Kam Heong” dish its unique taste are fiery bird’s eye chilies, aromatic curry leaves, crispy bits of dried shrimp, savory curry powder and soy bean paste. All these ingredients are cooked together with the clams. It's tasty and wouldn't go wrong to eat it together with rice.

Up next its the Homemade Seafood Beancurd with Hong Kong Kai Lan. The beancurd is made by them which consist of chicken ham, prawn paste, sotong paste, vege and egg. I like the inner part of the beancurd which is soft and tasty but I would prefer the outer part to be crispier. 

Last but not least it's the Teochew Style Noodles. There is a generous amount of prawns on top of the noodle. The noodles came all the way from Penang and it's cooked with Teochew Style.

Chef Low
Chef Low who have more than 10 years of experience this industry currently is the main chef for Bali Hai Seafood Village and have specially created all these dishes for this set course.

The price for the set course above is RM 1388 and comes with Fresh Fruit Platter and sides starter.

From 13th September until 3rd October 2013, you can get 10 freshwater lobsters for FREE when you purchase 1 live lobster! That's really a great deal! :)

Make sure you contact them for reservation to avoid disappointment.

Bali Hai Seafood Village
Sunsuria Avenue
Persiaran Mahogani
PJU 5, Kota Damansara
Petaling Jaya

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Tel: +603 6141 0033 / +6016 461 2333
Email: balihai.kd@balihaiseafood.com

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