Olympus OM-D EM-1 New Flagship Touch & Try User Event

Yesterday I was at Ant Gallery in Mutiara Damansara for the Olympus OM-D EM-1 New Flagship Touch & Try User Event. Thanks to Jackie, I was being able to register myself for this event since the slot was quite limited.

The Olympus OM-D EM-1 
I personally have not own any camera with micro four thirds system but I do know that the newer micro four thirds camera in the market does have the ability to compete with APS-C & full frame DSLR cameras.

At the event with a group of almost 40 people, we get to learn about the new features on the EM-1 compared to the EM-5. I have seen and feel with the EM-5 before this but have not really tested the camera with different lenses and shooting it in different environment.

Robin Wong, a photographer who shoots with Olympus gear and his favorite camera is the Olympus E-5 which sadly has been discontinued this year might be the very last FT camera for Olympus.

The newly-developed image processor and imaging sensor bring out the best in lens ability and performance. Dual FAST AF completely compatible with Four Thirds lenses. This model features a large built-in EVF and in-body 5-Axis Image Stabilization that corrects all types of camera shake. The dustproof/splashproof performance and dust reduction system provide absolute reliability. This fusion of Olympus technology provides image quality that rivals full-size DSLR models without ever having to worry about the shooting environment.

The ZUIKO LENS system was designed specifically to provide the best depictive power on digital cameras. The newly-developed TruePic VII image processor and new 16M Live MOS sensor maximize lens performance. These three cutting-edge technologies generate the highest image quality.

The details on this dragonfly was quite impressive.
Contrast detection AF and the newly-developed On-chip Phase Detection AF make Dual FAST AF's high-speed and high-precision autofocus possible. AF tracking sequential shooting performance is significantly improved and Four Thirds lenses are completely compatible.

Equipped with a built-in super large, super high-resolution electronic viewfinder rivaling a full-size DSLR camera. The new Adaptive Brightness Technology for automatic brightness adjustment and LV Dynamic Range Expansion functions are now included. These features expand EVF possibilities ever further.

This model is equipped with an in-body 5-axis image stabilization that corrects all types of camera shake that occurs when shooting. Because an in-body Image Stabilization method is used, image stabilization is effective on all lenses.

Even with a large EVF that rivals full size DSLR models and a large grip that ensures a firm hold, a surprisingly compact and lightweight camera body was achieved. Large, easy to press buttons in a logical layout provides next-generation control.

This camera is packed with enhanced basic features such as the built-in Wi-Fi for authentic remote shooting, Art Filters for expanding powers of photographic expression, and a 1/8000 sec. high-speed mechanical shutter.

This is the second model after the EM-5 to be equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi* function. With this feature, you’ll be ever closer to a networked camera life.

Simple image sending to smartphones
Remote smartphone shooting – Wireless Touch AF Shutter
Appending GPS tags to in-camera photos

* Wi-Fi communication is possible with the OLYMPUS Image Share smartphone app. This cannot be used to communicate with computers or unsupported smartphones.

After the speech on the EM-1 and also the WiFi function. We are divided into 3 groups according to colour and each group is taken to Technology Station, Touch & Try station or the Demo Station.

The first station my group went to is the Demo Station. They showed us how to use the HDR mode, colour adjustment, video stabilization recording and also the WiFi function.

Next was the Touch & Try station where we get to hands on the EM-1 to shoot the model with any of their Four Thirds (FT) or Micro Four Thirds (MFT) lenses.

There's two section in this station, one is where the model was sitting still and the other one where the model is moving around.

The autofocusing speed and the amount of shots to be taken were really amazing.

Last station is the Technology Station where we were being educate about the the newly-developed TruePic VII image processor on the EM-1.

Chromatic aberration and diffraction compensation were quite well corrected in these images with the EM-1. 

The EM-1 body is made with full magnesium alloy compared to some of the DSLR body which is partially covered with this material.

This model features dustproof and splashproof performance that surpasses the E-5, as well as dust reduction system that powerfully blows off clinging dust and dirt when changing lenses. The heritage of Olympus technologies provide the absolute best image quality without ever having to worry about the shooting environment.

Just taking the EM-1 for a shower after a long day of shoot. LOL

EM-1 still functioning like normal even with continuos water splash on it. It can still take pictures or record a video and all the buttons are still working.

After gone through all the station, my Station Card is finally complete with all the stamps. Time for lucky draw!!!

I won an Olympus car boot organizer!!! Photo courtesy of Olympus Malaysia.

EM-1 body is selling at RM4,999. With the M.Zuiko 12-50mm lens is RM5,999 or M.Zuiko 12-40mm F2.8 PRO at RM7,599. I wouldn't bother to get the 12-50mm lens since the 12-40mm pro is blazing fast!

A group picture of the participants of the event! Photo courtesy of Olympus Malaysia.

These are the goodies I got from the event.
Overall, it's a good event to educate users and to let us touch & test the camera with FT & MFT lenses. The image quality is almost comparable with most of the DSLR up to date but the price tag might be a slightly a little high. The focusing is fast and the image is sharp. The body looks like it can take a beating but not really a camera that you can hold on to for half a day especially with the grip and I'm not talking about the weight here, more towards comfort.

So what do you think about the camera?
Let me know about your thoughts in the comment section below.

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