Viper Challenge, Asia’s Biggest Ever Obstacle Course Challenge!

Do you remember that I've posted about the Viper Challenge a few weeks back? Yup, Viper Challenge is currently Asia’s biggest ever obstacle course challenge to reach its exciting climax at Sepang International Circuit on 17th & 18th August and left participants awash in personal satisfaction.

There were thrills, there were spills and there were plenty of contented smiles on the faces of the first ever participants to complete the Viper Challenge. Over 8,000 participants took part in the unique inaugural challenge that pushed contestants to their physical and endurance limits as they went up against 20 man-made obstacles set over a 20km course. 

The fastest time clocked to complete the course was a staggering two hours, while most contestants took four to five hours to accomplish the arena. The presence of alternating hot sun and heavy rain over the two days made the challenge an even more demanding prospect for participants. 

"The event was a great success even with some small issues on the first day. Completing the course was no easy task at all and we heartily congratulate everyone that participated. We would like to thank the sponsors, especially the Tourism Ministry, for their support in making the Viper Challenge a reality,” said Selva Kumar, Event Director of the Viper Challenge and Founder of Original Bootcamp Malaysia.

It wasn’t just the participants who endured obstacles, as the organizers themselves faced a number of early minor setbacks on Saturday, but the feedback from participants was immediately acted upon and everything ran smoothly by Sunday.

A number of local celebrities also participated in the Viper Challenge, including former Channel [V] VJ and current NTV7 TV host Jonathan Putra, along with top Kuala Lumpur comedians Kavin Jay and Papi Zak. Putra finished the course in a highly respectable time of just over 3 hours and proclaimed “The Viper tried to bite me, but I crushed it!”

The duo of funny men had a slightly tougher time in the course but nevertheless both emerged victorious and completed the course in about five hours. Both Jay and Zak, who may have been considered woefully out-of-shape just a few months back, had trained hard in the weeks before entering the Viper Challenge arena and were proud to see their efforts pay off. The Viper Challenge attracted a great number of participants from Malaysia and around Asia, and was a dream come true for many participants. 

Friends who joined the Viper Challenge. Photo credit to Tan Shi Ling
“I have been looking forward to an event like this, with trails and obstacles since I was in secondary school. I have always wondered why there was nothing like this before in Malaysia. It is such a great event and I am really happy and looking forward to another event like this,” said 41-year-old Andrew Yap from Kuantan.

Engineer Faiz Salleh, 32, echoed his sentiment: “I am very excited and looking forward to the next one.”

One of the many Singaporeans who flew up North to take part in the Viper Challenge, 42-year-old Jimmy Chan finished the course in 2 hours and 35 minutes and was thrilled to have been able to participate.

“This is the first time I have joined something like this and it feels great! I am very happy to have completed all 20 obstacles,” said Chan.

This truly international and landmark Malaysian sporting event was supported by Malaysia Major Events, a division of Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

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